Saturday 23 February 2019

On Kalibers 3̊ (3rd Battle of Kharkov)

Of all the bollox, and it was good bollox make no mistake, one got whilst getting a nedumivacation there was a stinkingschooner of arsebark about salmon fishing and catching shit in the rye. Mort Da sales manmerde and some Masonic poetry from Annan, though not too much in case it sparked off real nationalism. Not the SNP ersatz variety. Nor the running out of the cinema after watching Riggs covered in woad screaming about the englishbasturds. All one needed to do was point out the overall Gallic flavour of everything and then call out a Teage. Phukk me even the horsesoldiers at an auld firm match wouldn’t have been enough to calm the situation.

But that never happened, did it MSM? Calmly observing the pond life there was confirmation of a Dirac hand lifting random events from the sea on command. I mean which bit of moving Behan flavoured packages and assorted jaffas into and out of Clydeports without prouvables years after leapyear don’t you get?

As I was mentalling previously we had a fuckinh long sniping cannon on a fast moving chassis in 1940. Putting that into perspective we have to examine the cost involved delivering the Faberge curate’s.

The best hull, with the best running gear, with the best tank engine, with the best tank artillery.

It had no comms, shit ergonomics and crap optics.

So after storyboarding the Marx brothers and handing over all the resources of the Russian empire, going full old testament and killing everyone in sight, turning the survivors into a Noahide slave camp, getting handed stacks of cash from their Talmudic cash machine in New Yoik, having all the best technology gifted to them for free by US/UK corporate pirates and making all the Sovietisedproles work 24hrs a day…..the end result of the MorlockMolech paradise was death on a pale horse.

However if the death dealing horrorshowontracks was simply theirs to kill civilians made defenceless in their tens and tens of millions then it is a winning formula. What else do you expect from the diseased mind of Moshevile.

Forget all the current pipelines bollox, all the economickeymouse theory, all the money crap. All that commerce and trade. The only real thing that Quigley got semi right was to point out that trade is the unchanging semitic weapon system. The khaants could not care if they had thruppennyhapenny, a quintillion sponds in goldbelugarands or a fuckinzillion arsecoins on Pluto. They want it all and they want the rest of us to have NOTHING AND DEAD.

So let’s do a little fascist tippytoe here, DIckenisms are usually spot on. If you get the triethyl lead jackanory, see F R Banks’s auto biog for an offslant perspective on what Sutton and Mullins have to offer on that one, one will find yourself head scratching about all sorts of things. Like turbo machinery and shitfuels. As I mentioned on a previous outing the story of SS5 going Tuapse/Baku bound, even DeGrelle adds a little light on the peacetime German economy here, for the Royal Dutch shell companies and all the Ploesti fables that Satalin was supposed to have covertted in 1939, all are utter fabrications by oblivion fandango fabulists.

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