Wednesday 27 February 2019

On Kalibers 1984̊ Repetition, ritual, ceremony and worship

If one were to huzzard a guess at things wot did happen that shouldnot have, things that didn’t happaen that should have and wot not that were designed for the future at any Talpiotippytoetime then we might have to coinside that the whole of the passed 75 years have been nothing more than a holding pattern with a shed load of duty free booze, Viagra and KY thrown at/into the passenger lists. That is real passenger lists BTW not 9/11 imagined passenger lists. BTW BTW if you consider any of the tephelone baloney and background chatter on that day then I would simply ask you to get into the mind of a shragemusik player over a beacon in 1943/44. Is what you hear real or Memorex dripping from hi-klass zeegerman madel in a Talmud tower transmission coming near Bletchley. If you can rig sudden metal fatigue into the towers then you can exhaust the airwaves with equivalent cartoon tunery.

From the perspective of current reality then the whole appearance of event flow, action and reality quanta are summing to zero as the shebang gets run down to nothing through ceremonial evisceration. If Schrödinger were to look at the shit house then nothing would happen because there is no dump point and there is no mo movement. How do you procollapse unenventfulness?

If we try to get back to what the place should have looked like around 1945 then it might help to list some of the things that are incongongruous when the gunfire and sniper finally died down in the MSM.

The European, with less bloodshed than required war lasted so much longer than planned that Latin American forces were deploying into theatre.

The Asian war stopped, so much earlier than planned, so much less bloody than ceremony needed, such that the drug lands were left unoccupied and all of them went native to such an extent that plangent had to be chucked upstairs whilst a decolonisation farce was enacted.

Can you imagine how upset the layer above Roth must have been?

What did they envision 1946 would look like in 1936? What business plans did they present to the planetary management layer just below extraspiritual?

We can say with certainty that UKplc was anticipated to remain a backward ignorant operational base where no one asked questions. Before kick off in Sep 1939 there was absolutely no mention of a Welfare State nor NHS in the frame for the UKabos. The plan was to police/incite through kinetic death rivals into destruction in other places thousands of mile away. The short range deep throats in the Luftwaffe were ideologically turned to the East. With the action so far away who cares about the condition of the homebase trolls. It could be said that similar conditions apply today after 80 years of getting the plan back on course. Only this time the plan doesn’t care if anyone of the UKabos actually survives, never mind if the scum can read, write or count.

1984 is, despite all the professional fictional critique, quite simply a fictional work within a fictional outcome.

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