Friday, 22 February 2019

On Kalibers 2̊ (In Memory of Epping Forest)

..and every other forest in western Europe where the New Yoik lists were and still are to grow.

In the doog old yadz the nudge units would take you out into a far away glade, where the birds do still sing, and make you dig a pit. Then you would line the pit with lime. Then you would sign a receipt for the bill of execution to be forwarded to your relatives. Then the head of the local nudge unit would shoot you through the base of your skull with a bullet paid for by New Yoik bankers.

I suppose that the whineggers of UKykplc will have no idea about all this stuff since their local nudge units are limited to pfhukking up the education given to persons, currently here, for the moment. I mean which bit of the jew run holiday camps don’t you get campers? Hi de hi, papers please!

Anyway talking about the Pontins kommbrigs gets me back to sniping at plates.

Many would consider that sifting through the still smouldering embers of stuff wot happened many decades ago is a waste of time. Well I suppose that spending your time in supplication here in UKplc, thousands of years ago you’d tramp up the temple stairs, these days you queue on a platform for a tribute train awaiting a Gladio op to go off around you, is nothing more than a complete waste of the universe’s effort to know itself. Which bit of NSA/GCHQ rating your silent farts like priests and commisarses is congenial to you? So GGTF! Know the past and the future will leap out at you. Only scalability gives disguise to the murder express.

Just before the Trotsky/Birobidzhan/Lendlease pipeline/ratline got established several things happened almost like a well oiled Hollywood script. Trotsky got offed. Stalin emptied the Trotskycamps east of the Urals and wheeled the corpses westwards. Hess dropped in near my old bog. UKplc and USSR invaded Iran. A T34 with a 73 cal 57mm got the thumbs up.

Now I get the idea of 10,000 BTs and other Christie based pieces of commiekit, paid for by New Yoik, running westward along the lovely roads of a bare naked Europe, machine gunning everyone to death, lobbing HE at churches, running refugees under their wheels, storming ahead of the OGPU death squads. You know the Talmudic einzatzgruppen? Talmudic privileged Chekists with the lists containing your granny and grandaddy’s names oh UKplc dweller, but for the life of me that T34 must reflect the orientallyban infected mentalist Satalin’s inability to comprehend the utter destitution of Europe after UKoriented genocidal counterfieting. Our murderous bit part player really could not believe that the New YoiUK funded 5th columnists in Europe really had made Europe a deadzone. This was confirmed by Churchill and his Swedish tennis partner during their European tour ten years earlier when they were looking for the non existent NAZItube artillery disguised as chimney. Once you learn to read the tealeaves at work al ist klaar.

Now I don’t know about you but when the EMF did their thing on Salisbury plain in c27-32, the USofAcorp keeping radio crystals to themselves, Tommy tankers didn’t need Zhukov et al out in Manchuria many years later to confirm the operational manoeuvre malarkey. Nor did they need Guderian and his comms net facilitating 3 man turret. All was figured out by 1930 by geezers drinking char and it just needed seeded in the fall guys.

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