Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Speculative Assay into the Past and Future.

Here’s a lad that’s been to the Munich Conference on Security which I gave you a heads up about .

I love the little list of the top bods who pitched up to eat and swill the best produce, no measure of their global fart print would have been taken there I’ll bet. Oh no that’s for the proles.

However this short assay into Natural Philosophy and the occult starts with the eye of your correspondent catching the items discussed.

“The main issues of the conference, launched on Feb. 5, were "Energy Security and change the global balance of power", "The Future of European and global security", "The Future of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons", "The Future of NATO: its strategy and mission", especially in Afghanistan. Of course, special attention was paid to the atomic problem of Iran, as well as a new strategy for relations between Russia and the West, the new Russia's initiative to conclude a treaty on European security, the future of Afghanistan, the chances of peace process in the Middle East.”

I will concentrate on "Energy Security and change the global balance of power" & “special attention was paid to the atomic problem of Iran

This all needs decoding. As always what we the uninitiated see and what is to be read are two different things.

We are supposed to think about oil and gas, esp. LNG, when these clowns start to bang on about energy. However translation would tend to suggest to me that the genie of “free energy” might be out of the bottle. If you follow George Ure’s very entertaining and informative musings, not financial advice, the Web Bots have been expecting the “New Electrics” to pitch up about now and indeed GU gave some info on this very topic coming out of China and India soon.

I also note that the “release” onto the market of this tech. is to be controlled so that no one really notices that a New Philosophy is in play. Marketing is after all about managing perceptions of reality.

So I’ll bet a great deal of yakking went into how the guys with the money, ChiComms, and the guys who’ve deliberately been made broke, USofA corp., can come to a modus vivendi at least for the short term.

Now I did warn you at the beginning of the year that this blog was going to go “weird” by that I mean I am going to wander as I want way out side the cage defined by MSM and prescribed knowledge. If you want some kind of back to earth INCOMING!!!!!!! Head over to D&TT.

And so we come to Persia.

What is the “atomic problem”?

Well I’ll let you into a secret; it is all in the timing.

The first part of this essay has dealt with occult knowledge first described in the mid 19th century and then Heavysided into the occult. The reasons? Money of course. So one and a half centuries later the world has moved enough to let the (New?) money decide that the New Electrics are to come forth.

The Persia problem resides in occult knowledge never released into the public domain, unlike Maxwell’s original equations.

As you know I don’t subscribe the usual story of Atomic bomb development, my view explains N Korea, the conventional MSM story doesn’t. So into the making of big bangs we go.

When the lads letting off the really big sticks were checking their theory against results they found a very interesting anomaly from what I can gather. This is true for Western and Soviet research. If they expected to get a yield of 10BANGS worth from a particular bomb they found that they got 13 BANGS worth of yield. Repeated trials on both sides confirmed this anomaly. Only the Soviets were smarter, or not so blinkered, and realized that the timing of the experiments and the, dare one say it, celestial alignments were influencing the “gating” in of energy. A nice balance of spies on both sides eventually equalized the knowledge pool, but not the insight pool.

Remember I’m wandering way out here outside MSM reality so I don’t have to worry about “peer” review. I can think what I like.

So if someone outside RockRoth control started down a path that has been deemed 22nd century Tech. because the NWO hasn’t been achieved yet and human society melded into a single amorphous mass locked into perpetual oligarchy, well then they might get sat on as well as providing a suitable vehicle for squelching humanity into one amorphous mass through casus belli.

Just a thought.

Though if you get what the cloud guys were on about in Monday’s post the above thought lines really need to be pursued when considering the nature of our Sun.

Right then I is off back to reality at D&TT.


  1. so the iranians are really smart. they outwitted the diabolical debt trap *and* they have the free energy technology? is that what you be suggesting?

    so i guess you don't think ahmadinejad is a crypto jew?

  2. In reverse order AP.

    I read along while ago his name is of a Jewish lineage.

    If Iran is free to wander down the road of blowing up the really big sticks then knowledge about time, gravity and the Sun will result.

    Over unity electrical systems on Earth are childs play by comparison.

    Over unity keeps our gaze fixed here on Earth. The big stuff bringing time, gravity and the nature of the Sun gets humanity looking out again. Can't have that, can we? After all the trouble of stunting our horizons that been gone to over the past century.

  3. Well incoming. Fuck it here’s my 2d’s worth. I didn’t know about the extra bang per buck. Cheers for the heads up

    I do not agree with the mainstream “nuclear” sun theory. It does not explain many of the observable facts of our solar companion – temperature rise with altitude above the surface – why sun spots are dark etc.

    I am a scientist by training and the Electric universe explains far more – and predicts even more. Where are these snowball comets they predict but can’t find.

    We appear to live in an age of scientific fact - seemingly - when we still cannot explain gravity. Newton may have worked out where an apple falls when you drop it. Ask a “scientist” what it is and expect a long wait. Ignore the stretchy fabric analogy. It uses gravity to explain itself.

    There is a strange rare alignment coming in 2012. Lots of BS has already been written and produced about this (some of it by me) but we humans do not live long enough to get a real perspective on “history”. We get small clues from our long dead ancestors but some of them were very clever for seeming savages.

    My gut instinct is that either
    1 We live in a double star solar system (with a periodic time of 3600) or
    2 Our solar clock is about to get reset (possible period of 36000 years)

    The clues are sparse but I love the thought that the Egyptians developed Voltaic cell batteries – the only question is why?


  4. C your on my wavelength.

    Yes the savages seemed to have an incredibly accurate, i.e modelled and tested, idea of what goes on with our little blue planet.

    I really think that something BIG has been lost and we keep misreading the clues.

  5. Are you referring to the theory, propounded by Bruce Cathie I think it was, that nuclear weapons only work properly at times and places determined by astrology and his 'earth grid' and harmonic numbers?

  6. Hi O'sR, not necessarily since I've not encountered the writer. I'm thinking of Maurice Allais and his anomalous pendulum experiments depending on moon and sun alignment. That definatley buggered our ideas about gravity.

  7. Thanks for that. I had not heard of Allais, but a quick perusal of a couple of web sites about him did not show anything about atomic explosions or variations in their yields.
    I have come across the idea that chemical reactions are slowed during an eclipse, and wonder whether a pendulum may react rather like the divining pendulum on a string is supposed to react to the subconscious of the diviner.

    What did you mean about 19th c occult knowledge?

    ZS Livingstone may be a more interesting and relevant commentator on these matters. He claims to be a magician (not a conjuror) and to have helped limit the effect of atomic tests off Alaska by magical means. Here is a list of his brief letters.
    He follows the Electric Universe theory in regarding gravity as a side effect of electro-magnetism, but goes beyond it in claiming that there are energy transfers between this and higher spiritual levels - whose inhabitants take an active interest in what physically happens here. His writing is rather charming and his view of reality is far more interesting and colourful than that of modern scientists.

  8. O'sR the variability in the big stick yield is influenced by planetary, and perhaps, galactic alignments. The secret from what I gather is that the initial thermonuclear event rips apart space/time and gates in energy from the zero point/ether.

    If you think about this model then questions about what the sun really is immediatley spring to mind and the Electric Universe as an explanation will form part of the answer. See William R Lyne.

    To entertain the "magical" angle on this needs a total re-evaluation of life and consciousness.

    If not just astronomical alignments but observation by a conscious entity, not Heisenberg that's just an echo of a deeper phenomenon, can influence the outcome of these phenomena then what we experience as reality may be a stunted version of our potential.

    And at that point you start down the trail of the hierarchy of gods.

  9. O'sR got sidetracked, to answer your question re: the 19th C.

    Maxwell's original equations were to use a nice current word, redacted and jemmeyed with. That is clear from historical record. That means someone/thing/org. is watching and deciding what is appropriate for general knowledge, hence my allusion in the my post above that Persian independent fannying around with big sticks might let uncontrolled 22nd century tech. into currency.

  10. Thanks also for that. I looked up Lyne, and liked his insight that both 'orthodox' and 'alternative' views are likely to be heavily influenced by the 'powers that be'.

    The famous phrase attributed to Haldane, about the universe being not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose, seems apposite.

    Science treats everything as inert, and 'other'. Dame Nature is to be subjected to a Baconian interrogation to force her to yield her secrets, which can then be applied to gain power for the rulers of humanity. Science has become the black magic of this culture, whose main interest is to garner wealth and weapons for our rulers.

    It's hardly surprising that anyone who doesn't conform to this expectation, such as Keeley or Schauberger, is a source of frustration or a victim of mistreatment.

    It's the same mentality that feeds its political and military delusions with the garbage obtained by 'enhanced interrogation' of suspects. See for instance Craig Murray's exposure of the British government's complicity in torture in Uzbekistan to obtain worthless confessions for the American War on Terror.

    It would not be surprising if the scientific results and understanding of reality obtained by similar minds and methods is no better than the political absurdities propounded by our rulers.

  11. You raise the even more fascinating possibility that the Iranians might produce people with a different relation to Nature, and hence different understanding and technology - possibly not the same as the 'alternative science' of the West.

    Well, they have had a tradition of ancient alchemy and medieval mysticism, but I don't know enough to guess whether these would be helpful nowadays even if the theocracy tolerated them.

    I suspect that the authorities are pushing as hard as possible for a replication of the American path of the 1940's and of more recent developments bought from A.Q. Khan. This is the only known route to atomic weapons, and they would need as many as possible, as soon as possible, with the means to deliver them at least as far as Israel, if they are to be able to deter the Americans and Israelis from attacking them.

    However, their scientists appear to have been trained in the Western way - as they would need to have been to follow this route, and their leadership is probably just as focussed on the power and prestige associated with nuclear weapons as are ours, or even more so as they strive to overcome an inferiority complex and show that they are just as dangerous.

    Thus, it seems doubtful that there is much difference in attitudes, activities and objectives, and for reasons of wealth and ideology, perhaps even less tolerance for independent thinking.

  12. O'sR you touch upon a profundity of the never ending tragedy that is our lives in your 06:12.

    Namely, that part of the strategy of TPTB is to control release of wealth and weapons. The philosophy of money that has been running at least since 5000BC based on forgery has at its heart a strategy of arming the savages with the best weapons tech. This has two aims. Firstly the hijacking of the savages into the funny money scam, secondly the use of the savages to take down rivals and/or societies of affluence. Kind of Bronze Age Alinskyist community organising. The book Babylonian Woe referenced in an earlier post here details this process of coercion in the millenia BC. The same process can be seen in USofA corp. in 20th/21st Cent transfering money/tech. to Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany (Trading with the Enemy. A River runs East) and now the ChiComms. That means a pile of dead people are coming soon.

    In your 15:59 you touch on the Persian mindset. Being the inheritors of a magnificent history going back to the period I allude to in my reply to your 06:12 they certainly will be open to receiving the ancient mythos that inspired the original search for/accidental recovery of the New Natural Philosophy since they are part of the Indo/European East/West movement of peoples as opposed to their current troubles with the North/South axis, who are jealous. Don't forget that "Western" training is based on Madrassas.

  13. The Babylonian Woe is an interesting book, thanks. It provides a better explanatory thread than most histories.

    There may be another thread which in corrupt times acquires more emphasis, namely the inter-relation of politics, business and crime. It appears that the Chinese communists have junked their principles in order to obtain great wealth in connivance with the Triads, which seem to be resuming their ancient historic role. The American political system appears to be terminally corrupt, with its politicians in the pockets of AIPAC, the 'banksters' and other crooks, and its military and intelligence agencies functioning as 'cocaine importing agencies'. There may be more to 'Chimerica' than economic interdependence. Some years ago when that American spy plane full of the latest equipment was tamely handed over to the Chinese after supposed engine failure, it was rumoured to be a deliberate ploy, supervised by Bush senior and the CIA, to enable business interests to demand vast sums to develop even fancier equipment.

    If there is a real war, rather than the current messy occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, which mainly serve to enrich a variety of military suppliers at the expense of the American taxpayers, it will be on the usual two levels where fighting the nominal enemy is left to the lower orders and the important people stay at home to squabble over who gets the most resources and prestige.

    Of course nuclear weapons might inconvenience even the vip's pulling the strings of our nominal leaders, so they may content themselves with destroying the moral fibre,societies, identity and economies of their host countries, and allow or encourage the third world powers to nuke each other.

  14. O'sR the ChiComms have and always will be drug running gangsters. That's where they came from and that's where they'll go. I do not think there is anything other than criminal activity to be identified in the current commercial and social intercourse of the planet.

    The USofA Corp. elite has been shovelling tech. at the ChiComms for decades. It is their modus operandi, first Soviets, then Nazis and now ChiComms.

    As for letting off the big sticks, the one thing that gives me concern on that score is the keenness of the criminal cabal to get set up in MERCOSUR.

    I've been watching that one for a long time now and it looks more and more like the centre of ops away from the main carnage.

  15. Ah well, South America used to be the place to which exposed crooks were reputed to flee, before they came to prefer Israel.

    Perhaps they like the social system of a tiny number of super rich scum at the top, surrounded by their lackeys constituting the officials and middle class, over a vast horde of miserable virtual slaves. This is presumably what they want to impose on the rest of the planet. Back to Babylon with themselves as the gods!

  16. O'sR someone somewhere is trying damn hard to put something (half)remembered back in place I have no doubt about that. Worryingly whomever it is knows how to play us like a well worn instrument.

    BTW talking of Israel did you catch the Aletho News posting yesterday about NOAHide laws being part of your workplace contract?

  17. No, I didn't see that; but the people who may not be criticised do what they like.

    Of course, they do attract some criticism from people such as Les Visible whose various blogs Smoking Mirrors Reflections in a Petri Dish
    and Visible Origami I like to follow via The Truth Seeker

  18. O'sR have long time membership at all the above. As I've remarked before Rixon's place requires constant vigilance, though I do tend to just bathe at LV's shops.

    If you want a knife fight try cutting your way through Alcuin and Flutterby ;-)

  19. Thanks. I'm not seeking trouble or troublemakers. That site contains some interesting if bizarre notions. I quite like the Viewzone site
    another aggregater of unusual news and speculations. They have interesting articles on DNA and the spiral lights recently seen off Norway. Apparaently it was HAARP tuning up its deathray, and a Dr. Eastlund is the new (negative)Tesla.

  20. Yes O'sR I liked that one. Bulava missile firing gone pear shaped, Rense concurred, or the Large Hadron Collider firing up and opening a star gate, I think Camelot liked that one, or since it is all reported third hand it could have been anything.

    BTW LHC is predicited to continue having trouble since "special forces from the future" are messing with it, including the bird dropppings:-)

  21. A year ago I had a whimsical notion about the LHC and its acolytes.

    Now there's the rumour that the American government stole the gold they were supposed to be guarding and substituted gold plated tungsten bars years ago - and the Chinese have caught them.
    No doubt there are those close to Wall Street and the Federal Reseerve and their owners who have a good idea of what happened to it (and the gold supposedly stolen from the Twin Towers). Perhaps these cunning moral dwarves are planning to emerge as owners of the gold backed currency rumoured to be planned to replace the $,£,€ etc. after the predicted hyperinflation. Forging a golden ring with which to further enslave humanity. Where's Seigfried? Oh! they weakened and got rid of him long ago.

  22. O'sR the gold left ages ago, in the 1960s I think. GATA and others have ben trying to lift the lid on the gold scam for decades. LME are shitting themselves; it is one reason all those junk gold stores have suddenly turned up. Yes ONLY hyperinflation if we are lucky.


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