Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More books and films.

If you remember I posted back in July kicking off the 9/11 rant, 9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. Part 1 of ? . I related that the chap who confirmed my suspicions about the Post Office Tower also told me about some high strangeness he witnessed whilst skulking around near Suffolk airfields, specifically NATO airfields.

He remembers watching from cover through wire mesh fencing a “something”. The something turned out to be a bloke in camo, special camo like the thermoptic stuff from Ghost in the Shell or Predator. The wire mesh fencing caused a bit of interference so the game was up. Of course we now all know that that kind of field manipulation has indeed been solved and you can see the Jap scientist hiding the globe on YouTube.

Why do I mention this?

Well films and books.

I lamented just last outing the fact that William Gibson went, in my humble opinion, corporate. I also remembered that one of the things that could happen to you when you slipped on the trodes in his first stories was that if the black ice and the sharks got you, you died.

Now that always stuck in my memory, how could that happen? How could you die, actually die physically, like in the Matrix films? After all “you” weren’t anywhere other than in an artificial construct.

Even in the film Johnny Mnemonic Keanu’s nose started to bleed and there was a possibility of death, it kind of gave the film its impetus, yawn.

That death in cyberspace stuck in my mind for over two decades and amongst other things I began to wonder about and catch whiffs of was time manipulation. Again very recent films have been giving us tastes of that little game.

So firstly. How do you die in cyberspace?

We need to examine the nature of human consciousness to try and come to a conclusion about that one.

What is?

We will stick with temporal matters and speculation, stay away from the spiritual.

If you’ve piled through you’ll have come up against the idea that the Soviets might have reconstituted an artificial virtual mind.

For the moment I’ll leave the mass effects of this technology out of the discussion, just be aware that it postulated though, it should be possible to constitute a group artificial virtual mind.

Now I read this yesterday.

Drone pilots have a front-row seat on war, from half a world away

It got me thinking about the nature of the next BIG ONE. If like me you wander around the milsites and watch the discussions about fleet, airforce, army, special forces structure and size you quickly realise that the one thing that is missing to inform the debate is a BIG ONE to reference. The last one is now too far away; our error is likely too great, for meaningful comparison of real/imagined opposition in a shooting match against our own forces.

However one thing that is becoming clear is that someone reckons the BIG ONE lethality space is too dangerous for human beings, Terminator anyone, and the remote war fighter is now a necessity.

So looking at the drone pilots above I wondered how could you get their mind into the drone/weapon? Also if you could do that then you’d be in William Gibson’s world with the black ice and sharks. A Soviet artificial virtual mind. That got me wondering again about WG, the Soviets featured in his tales. How much was dropped in his shell like and by whom? Was he corporate all along?

If you had an ersatz mind that you decanted into and thundered off down the great canyons of light what would be left behind?

Now this is where it becomes scary. If you are in virtual combat deep in the cyber war how is a “result” affected. I.e. how do you win? Well it is just like the old days you kill the opposition. How?

Once again Bearden describes a weaponisation of the Soviet virtual mind tech.

“Mind Snapper”

Which if you read through his stuff he believes may have been deployed in the US of A.

What does “Mind Snapper” do? Well as best as I can gather it is a virtual mind that maps over the neural behaviour of a live mind, mirrors that live minds functioning, synchronises and then literally snaps your mind shut by pulling the consciousness/awareness/life out of you when the virtual mind is vectored away.

Now that’s what WG was on about. That’s how you’d do it. It takes a different philosophy of nature and reality and consciousness.

Whether what Bearden reports is correct or not I am intrigued by the possibilities opened by this view of consciousness.

So fact or fiction or a mixture. Deliberate confabulations to keep us scum in the dark?

Well I’ll take the following as given. Currently we are being subjected to a subtle form of the group mind manipulation; a group virtual artificial mind has been constituted. It has been mapped over the West, don’t believe me look at what the Soviets were up to with Woodpecker decades ago, and we are being slowly marched to NOAHide.

That’s just my preference and my view of events.

How about you? Well let’s scare you to death.

Even in a minor BIG ONE, imagine our drone pilots above, but the numbers increased by several orders of magnitude. All out fighting through the cyber war. Row after row on shift or chemically enhanced to fight days or weeks without end. There is a big push and the black ice is mind snapping away. The virtual body count is heavy and the rows of cyber warriors are depleted on both sides.

Now I know in my favourite scenario the ChiComms are the enemy and you can be sure that the organ harvesting wagons will be waiting outside their military cyber facilities, just like their prisons today. All those healthy suddenly lifeless bodies can’t go to waste.

What about us, are we better than them? Of course not!

It will be an organ harvester’s paradise.

Indeed they’ll most likely cause the war to kick off in the first place and provide the tech. to both sides.

I’ll start on time synaesthesia tomorrow.

Heads up.


  1. You've just confirmed my loathing of government, mate - all government - they all suck shit!!

  2. Yep Spidey ALL criminal, gangsta fronts for the commie bankstas.


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