Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 9

Last two trips, Part 7 out the traps, Part 8 ; had me try and bring this yakk to a halt, fully conscience that I’d opened up the discussion too far to stop now.

I hope I got over to you the idea that “their” philosophy of money is about complete control of everyone, everything and all time; and that philosophy was very ancient.

I also reckoned we needed to (re)establish our philosophies of nature, life and value in order to free ourselves and all to come for all time.

If their quantised fiat money/credit gold racket is rumbled and they’ve moved onto a new scam called Carbon credits then you can be sure that anyone displaying independence of thought will be getting the cold shoulder. No matter in what field they endeavour.

How to progress in this glacial runoff then?

Well let’s stay on the rocky road that is the UN IPCC SNCF CCX scam that should be taken down using RICO statutes.


These guys are wealthy indeed,

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They own their philosophy and I wish them ultimate success. They may not have all the answers, but they are enquiring without a hidden agenda of globalised gangsters and racketeers stealing from the rest of humanity. I like their outwards gaze, looking out and up, instead of what we’ve been cued in on by scientific method this past century, inward and quantised.

The Sun is changing weather all throughout the Solar system . We’ve all heard of the idea in chaos theory that a butterfly farting in the Amazon can cause a hurricane in Wembley. Well let’s just say that when the chips are down I’d reckon that our position with respect to the galactic spiral arms will have a far bigger effect on the fart than we have been allowed to contemplate. The nature of the Sun itself will need to be re-evaluated as well. There is no need to think that any physical constant we currently use will be found to be other than very, very local. Once we are out in deep space Newton’s gravitational constant won’t last. So a steady gaze and a raised eyebrow asks, “Just what is our Sun?” Another raised eyebrow asks “Quantum Mechanics is it all in the timing?”

Science is fully corrupted by racketeering, which should be obvious by now. Just look at the legacy of Big Pharma, Medicine, nuclear waste, foot and mouth, Genome research, BSE, GMO, H1N1 and AGW. All travelling in the HAS (Herd Attention Space) with a respectable cover from establishment figures and bodies. All fronts for lifting our cash and delivering no benefits to humanity in the general.

Where are we going on this jaunt? Way back into weirdness and way forward into strangeness. One clue always to be kept in mind is that the boss of the BIG BOYS knows that something that was can be put back together again. That much is out in the clear.

So let’s go and find out what was, what is and what can be before they take out the net and license it like they did to US Radio in the 1920s/30s.

We know their philosophies stink and I reckon we can hammer ours together with a little effort.

Heads up.

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