Friday 20 August 2010

Boring Part 11 of ? The word, The soul and The sound that is sung. Rechoice

Nothing to do with God..

Everything to do with why we are constantly watched.

Is your tea oot? Part one.

There are no speelinmg mistooks here.

Every word is measured.

If you have been reading the words and listening to the thoughts you will know that there is inevitably an end to all this.

Though not yet.

Quantisation of reality?

Why does our heart only have so many beats to measure our life?

In our aggregate.


Here we go.

Hold on tight it will take a bit of getting there.

If you remember a little while back I mentioned my Irish ex-colleague, she’s still in the borough so I won’t be making a break for the border this week , and her near death experience. What I didn’t recount was the further musings we had about prelife and after life. Being a good catholic girl she did not appreciate my comments on pantheism then and would be horrified to hear me describe all monotheism as an affliction on humanity.

One of the great buffers to spiritual oligarchy is the presence of many deities. It provides checks and balances. Once you get monotheism supreme it is but a short leap to having a woman as god. Or the flowering of atheism.

Go on I dare you, bring it on.

That is the danger of monotheism it leads to psychopaths thinking themselves supreme and unchecked. Groomed by their lovers.

As you know I believe that the entity that started it all and chose the sheep shagging dusty driving burro buggerers was an evil entity.

That explains so much that puzzles.

It explains why certain rabbis could think they can out argue this god. They are arrogant fools for they have no relationship with God, only a jinn. So all they can bring to this world is organised evil. They can never be seen to stand alone. They always need a red, green, white mob around them;. They are not free and can never offer freedom. They are communistic at base and deceitful of their intentions; always. How else can you be if you think you can better a jinn?

I could not take the discussion, much though I enjoyed it at the time, a great deal further and I let the ideas stew for a long time.

Part of my conjecture that evolved, revolved and resolved around the idea of the universal soul. The idea that we are poisoning that source of our wellbeing. If every aborted child has been joined forever to everyone gone, here or to come, then the universal soul must be traumatised. The action of the jinn is sun.

Ritualistically, ceremonially, worshipfully and deliberately so.

For every soldier torn to shreds in war, for every civilian starved in the raw, by broken blade of the priests' singing. For each child abandoned, for every mother and father bequeathed the death’s hand. The fabric, or transformative medium, that binds us all is affected and effects us. We are afflicted. To our detriment if we are not careful.

And we have not been so.

Now it is time, and it is bound in amber, to let them resurface because if we can get our heads around the implications of Heim Space, we could at last pin down definitively some of the great mysteries of life and the beauty from which we are being blinded and starved.

What do you believe? Just what do you believe? Is there something that is uniquely you? Or are you an animated marionette stumbling to another thing’s empty thought and spiritless jinn jerkings? Are you a void vessel into which all the evil of the world is going to be decanted in the pasted past? Are you a jinn’s Ivy Leagued plaything? A JinnComm bitchboy?

Or are you full of your own authority though humble in possession?

What are you? If you know who and what you are then the power of the transformative medium is yours to hand. This is definitely one of the great secrets that the ritualised emptiness of our drudge filled daily ceremony keeps from our ken.

From the potassium rush at our inception to the death chemical flooding our body just as we expire, the things we are witness to are but the shadows of the reality from which we arise.

Have you ever thought that if there was no funny money then there would be a much smaller population?

That the funny money scam is a ritual for increasing the population so that when the funny money is removed ceremonially there is a ritual murder of the human herd?

Ever thought that for every funny money dollar there is a funny money baby?

Not ours, theirs.

Ever thought that and it is getting more and more sophisticated?

This is not the first time it has happened, again.

It isn't finished.

However the English language is not up to scribing my heart.

So I've taken to walking the night air and visiting friends.

Isn't the world beautiful?

Heads up.


  1. ah yes indeed ..the world is beautiful and i decree that your use of the english language justly encapsulates more gem from the ongoing incoming!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are too kind c. :-)

    I'm pleased you liked what I was trying to say.

    BTW are you ever going to fire up your shop?


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