Thursday 5 August 2010

Boring Part 6 of ?

Dusty Steppe Donkey Drivers? Go on look back.

Not High Plains Drifter. No Sireee. These guys are ancient sneaks. Brothel creepers.

When I was young I sat in a car in a wide dry street. The sky was PRU blue and the trees steamed. The silence was golden, the scene was beholden. In the sepia tinted spy of my eye the time stalled. Nothing stirred and nothing was heard. Everything stopped.

I will never forget that grind of the ties that bind.

What is time?

In 8 dimensions, in Heim space. Time emerges from the waters. From the Nunn.

Somehow from the watery darkness, a hill of mud emerged. This hill provided a resting place for the creator. The Egyptians based this hill on the reality of the way that the earth emerged from the annual flood. Firm ground separated from the watery mass and created a place where the god could work. Here the god separated into four pairs of divinities including primeval flood, the hidden ones, endlessness, and the undifferentiated ones. The sun then emerged from these beings. The first sunrise signaled the beginning of creation. Many Egyptian symbols refer to this emergence on a hill. The pyramid shape is a model of the hill but also points toward the sun. The lotus blossom that floats on the water comes to symbolize the birth of the sun god. A cow goddess can also emerge from the water with the sun between her horns. The best-known form of this goddess is Hathor. All these symbols were another way for the Egyptians to state that emergence was the beginning of creation.

This begs the question.

Just how far back can humans, you and me, remember?

Or who can warp reality so that today is yesterday?

Got it?

If you’ve been reading carefully, the last 8 months of bollox should make sense.

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