Wednesday 10 November 2010

Ceremonial Weapons

Nothing changes



Community Organisers


How many are they?

Doing the Djinn's work.

As Maximum Max sayidsauid recently, the aim is to have 99% of the human population subsisting on 2-3USD per day.

The cold war is coming.

Getting it yet?


Do you think that when the last two of us were left standing that we’d lose to a pustulent, inbred, onanistic, supremacist, buboid, virulent, afflicted fuckwitz? We always have. That thing is us.

We’ve been imprinted and memed.

Greek and break out now.

It is all mental.


AK47 my fuckin’ arse.


Who’s ceremonial weapons are these?

Have you done the body count?

We contribute.

We buy.

We Worship & Ritual.

I think we are incurable.

In our presented state.

We kill all the dead people.

That is correct.

Refute and bring it on.

Ignore and restore.

We are their danger.

They are Reduced Instruction Set Phukkedwitz.

They cannot handle being alive without killing vast numbers of us.

Ignore them and all they do and they will kill themselves.

It has been done before after all.

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