Tuesday 10 August 2010

Boring Part 9 of ? Astrology, Alchemy, Kabbalah & Murder

Some things are just not witnessed very often. Like incandescent dicks.

I knew a chap once who’s party piece, ooh err missus’, was to drop his strides, set fire to his pubes and beat the inferno out with his cock. Like a mad flaming purple bulging metronome. However we all knew that we wouldn’t have to suffer that again for a long time.

Ceremony, Ritual and Worship.

Some things just do not come around very often. Like the ritualistic use of A-Bombs.

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over in Japan this past dew days. As I said previously
Don’t give me any “Oy INCOMING!!!!!! What about the A-Bomb”. My predilection for going my own way on this has been laid out for you on several occasions. I will say again two types of A-Bomb, only one “tested”, dropped around the 33rd parallel, dropped on Christians coming out of their churches. That’s ceremony and ritual. Whilst I remember why would this be remembered from Manhattan otherwise?
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”
J. Robert Oppenheimer (quoting the Bhagavad Gita)

These technologies are sacred objects that have been conjured from the fabric of space time and are not to be used in anything other than high ceremony.

A close look at the guys involved in this stuff and their astrological and ancient mythological beliefs makes you realise that this process has deep chronological occult planning.

What do I mean? I mean that all knowledge is known, the realisation of the knowledge simply requires the release of fiat lucre. We are dealing with magicians.

Again let me illustrate with an example. The consumer lifestyle which swept the West and Japan immediately after 1945 had NOTHING technically contained within the knowledge used unique to that time. Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, toasters, sanitation, kettles everything was OLD tech. No, it could have happened 20 years previously. All that was missing was the fiat lucre, alchemy. The transformation of the human population by trauma, kabbalah. The timing, astrology.

Another example is for the armour fans out there. If you believe the line about the T34 being a huge surprise for the Germans, well you’ve been Gok’d by the MSM. The T34 was known about, after all the Germans had been training the Soviet scum on armoured tactics for many, many years before hand, what was not available was investment in a war economy on the German side. Alchemy and kabbalah. Go on check UKplc armoured development, similarily no funny money for the aboriginals, the whole war was outsourced to USofA corp. Astrology.

So come on then, are you with me? Yes. The concept required realisation ritualistically. All the knowledge is known, it all is, however the realisation requires a ceremony. The great ceremony is pulsed and stirred by the injection or removal of fiat finance. We are in a never ending ritual and crap like the Pike stuff I refer to earlier is Über crap, Pike’s shit is simple pre-programming.

The poor gentle slobs that razed their eyes up into the clear blue sky just after 11am on those mornings were slaughtered in an act of worship murder just as surely as if they’d been thrown into the flames of Ba’al Hammon in Carthage.

Over at Catherine Austin Fitt’s site there is a good discussion with George Ure, I’ve referenced previously, which discusses the astrological/black backdrop to the removal and resurrection of fiat finance within the West’s economic system.

The Kondratiev theory that informs so much of George Ure’s commentary is but an indicator of a deeper cycling of human emotion and spirit. A deep extradimensional conception of our time and place.

Now that we know that the world we live in currently is a confection, a great soured caked emotion derived from our tears and heart break, driven by evil psychopaths who suck from us every second of every day in an eternal device of worship. We know the result is nothing more than chaos. The end result is our profound atomisation. Not the atomisation that they planned for us within their Bernays and Freudian hyperviscous amber. A society set in glass to be forever ritualised. No; a freedom at last, forced upon us by the deeper stresses and strains within the seas that our emotional and spiritual fulfilment awaits. We do not want this lets face it.

We would rather stay at home and immerse ourselves in the mindbatheingmachine safe from challenge, safe from responsibility, safe from self.

Unfortunately the Universe has other ideas. We have abdicated our personal responsibility for too long and the world is being reshaped not by our power, or the evil that is focussed upon us. The great weight of nothing that is the ritualised days of our existence has changed the deep cycles of all existence and we will soon realise that the power held over us is dissolving. Dissolving because we are making it happen.

That is the power of humanity at last in harmony with the transformative medium.

Everything good is realisable though we may not like it.

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