Tuesday 25 June 2019

Habiru Cru Clue A Greyt Big Monochrome Noahide Rainbow Pox

Ever been assaulted by the ming of a barrenweebachle? Ever been offended by the purveyors of perverted historical offal, the awful lies of history creatives and liars? Reportriat the phukkers now for a deliberate cascade abort. At least their body parts might function as a greater use fractionally than as a whole hole.

If fractional reserve murder, GMO NGO poisoning and quantitative easing of schlongs up every immature orifice is not understood yet then expect more massive numbers of dead persons everywhere as the globe spirals into universal slavery and the coat of many colour perps make off like bandits as usual.

Shuv your skyfairy walter mitty contracts up your erse sideways.

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