Thursday 7 June 2018

The Espionage Eagle has landed.

MIRAGEC14: First Four RAF F-35 fighter jets land in UK:   The first of Britain’s next-generation fighter jets, the F-35B Lightning have arrived home two months ahead of schedule in a major milest...

"During the night of 29–30 January 1943, Chapman with MI5 officers faked a sabotage attack on his target, the de Havilland aircraft factory in Hatfield, where the Mosquito was being manufactured.[5][9] German reconnaissance aircraft photographed the site, and the faked damage convinced Chapman's German controllers that the attack had been successful.[citation needed]
Following the de Havilland subterfuge, B1A began preparations for Chapman's return to his German handlers. Radio messages were sent to the Abwehr requesting extraction by boat or submarine, and Chapman was set to work learning a cover story ready for the inevitable interrogations. However, the response from the Abwehr was lukewarm. They refused to send a U-Boat and told Chapman to return via LisbonPortugal. This was not a simple method, as he had no valid reason to travel to the neutral port. Reed, and other members of B1A, believed this demonstrated the Germans' reluctance to pay Chapman the £15,000 he had been promised.[10] In the meantime Chapman was subjected to fake interrogation at Camp 020, to make sure his story held up. Reed told him to stick as close to the truth as possible, to help make the lies more realistic, and he was coached in speaking slowly to cover any hesitations. Stephens was impressed with how well Chapman responded to questioning.[10]"
WTF!!!! I suppose that this is only to be expected in a country that cannot even organise a bank clerical system nor keep it's depositors money secure. BWAHAHAHAAAAAA theft as a business strategy. Larceny under diverse covers. Rainbow flavoured manoil all over the crime scenes. Dildo dimensioned stickups by approved lifetime actors. MWHAHAHAAAAAAA.
Sabotage and treason all hidden in clear sight. I remember when we were told that UKplc's fukkwitz sons and daughters could never, ever, finance the creation of an aircraft that would provide employment for generations to come.
Now we can throw infinite amounts of shamanic money at nuts and a bolt or two clanging around a think tank and all our sons and daughters are banked into demonic servitude forever.
I bet you that when the things ever fire at a target they will bomb themselves out of the air.
ISIS/AlCIAduh/Moooosad, or whatever sauce Bernays they are drizzled with next, can sleep safely.
Bitched nation.