Saturday 30 June 2018

Homologation Contractor Kills

Over the 50 years or so that I’ve been running this experiment the one constant that has been requiring a real good fuel-air weaponing to clear the air is the British business person.

Now I am not talking Sassoon, Saatchi, Rothschild, Oppenheimer or any of the other imported talmoodtalent that wandered about dipping into the free money stream from BoE, EICogulag, USofApimpcorp and the EUconzentrationslager. The wreckers that need infinite counterfeiting or they will foment a counterinsurgency, of tokens and fraudulent markets designed to fail. These simple minded semtoxic fools that con only, only ever acting as semtexic larceny engines.

One of these UKretards heaved through my pipper in the days when I kept a close eye on the UK industrial apocalypse.

We had been lectured to, on many occasions, in the period 1988-94 about business strategy and the allocation of scarce capital. All the bollox that goes into a good Marxist Business Abortionist or Closet Assassin.

One little illustration, often quoted to us, of UKplc’s business geniuses at work was the GE obergruppenfuerer who would rather keep his capital in the bank gaining interest than use the capital to develop products in the markets. These were the days when we formed the conclusion that the world’s top business persons, the geezers displaying the full spectrum of Harvard BS skills, were South American drug barons. So when Weinstock handed the unleavened shithouse over to the ubermong Simpson we knew that a mega theft had occurred and the cover story was in motion.

And what a cover story it was. We didn’t suspect in the early/mid ninetees that they would drop two towers and building 7, do 7/7, steal 50 trillions, all in the midst of creating and committing constant blatant warcrimes and genocide just to keep people from noticing how shit they are at everything.

Now don’t be getting all expectorant after you’ve read the following words but if one were to continue the thought meander that lead to the idea of drug cartel kombrigs being business persons of the year for decades then it will also follow quite easily that “legit” business persons are the world’s top war criminals.

If we notice that the human condition, in the aggregate, for the average UKabo has improved despite all that business could do in the 20th century. In fact if it wasn’t for business the average UKabo would be healthier, wealthier and wiser than it is now. Only thanks to the Germans could the UKabo read, write and count until very recently.

“WTF are you on about you commiekhaant” I hear you spit.

Well just consider what business does. It is nothing more than a slow unnoticeable process of human homologation.

Remember what I quote from Quigley about the semitic weapon system is commerce. Well if we simply look at a bank as a munitions plant, like the motherfucking huge Kharkov plants built by Ford et al for the Soviets, where rounds of expendables are created ad infinitum then the business person queing up for a business loan is simply acquiring 2,3,4 or whatever million rounds to be fed into his platoon as call centre. Or take delivery of derivatives as phukkwitzweapons to outfit their fuerzes especiales NGOs.  All the while allowing each gradation of the scam to keep enough rounds of unused combat coded for themselves to terrorise their local harem and harlots.

Amazon is simply a carrier task force on Dixie station or perhaps a Soviet Front.

Ergo when the business has left the area and all one can see is a smoking wasteland of drug addled housing and derelict persons one can say indeed “Mission accomplished”.

Look everywhere. Empty activity and desolation, that is all you see. The weapon system has landed.

So back to the GE heroes.

The one whose viewpoint is conditioned by thousands of years of dropping fiscal napalm and pecuniary agent orange all over the world can indeed wait and look a hero of the Soviet Union.

Lionised by donkeys.

The other, whose horizon really is limited in business events, is a goon out of place and time. Totalally outclassed in this game of transgenerational string theory chess as phukkwittery.

I have said it here on many occasions that the only way the economic models make sense and the accountancy books balance is when the number of dead persons are factored into the equations.

Now then, now then, boys and girls who is more likely to know about that little secret?

Fagin or Lochinvar?