Monday, 18 June 2018

Comodoro D. Ricardo Salomón Airport

From the comments……
What Pacific rim location does that last late invitee occupy… now, for the Pacific Rim international naval exercise (RIMPAC)?!
Or, other rationale/reason for inclusion!?

Dissident X, that is a rhetorical question — and you know the answer. Israel is invited for the same reason that NATZO (the North Atlantic Zionazi Organization) operates in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria — all of these places far from the North Atlantic, but all of them a possible “existential threat” to the profits of the AZC (Anglo Zionazi Capitalists). And Israel is “invited” to show off with the U$ Army in the South Pacific as a courtesy to the boss — Israel being the boss of Uncle $cam, via the concentration of very rich Jews who control the U$ currency and bribe both U$ Houses. An astonishing number of Members of Congress and the Senate are not only bought-and-paid for Friends of Israel but also dual U$ citizens of Israel. No other little country in the world holds such Leadership Position over the U$A (a fact which the present Prime Minister of Israel has often boasted of).”

Mmmmmmm…let me see….now…. Rothbitchedbases of the world presents a short list for your consideration…
RCE/Hong Kong
RCE/Sydney al.
All bitched and ready to play their role in the consultancy business.
That’s right thickasabagofhyperspunspanners, you just continue watching the bladderkickingretards….