Friday 7 August 2015

Ba'al Hammon.....

The Vatic Project: Graphic new video exposes depravity of Planned Par...: Vatic Note:   This is exactly what I am talking about with respect to our nation being desensitized to graphic horror that allows these per...

.....when he gazed over the fecundity in the old days his bitchboys and boybitches would sacrifice their first born. Then their servants got to kebab their children in place of the cowards love of money and wealth. Then their slaves were forced to skewer and charcoal grill their progeny.

Child Sacrifice=Abortion=Animal Phallus Worship=Diseased Minds

Gaza is your violated womb. Are you Nuremberg criminals you western fools? Murderers of the helpless for profit and no thing.

Take care to love those who hate.

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