Wednesday 1 January 2014

The unravelling of Zyklotron B

With the SS running a crypto/military/industrial troglostate, ringed by three layers of security, what are the chances of it being thoroughly penetrated by the operatives?

I’m not talking about Rosicrutons of the consommé, Mafia, OSS, Jesuits, OGPU, COMINTERN or Mi-High, I’m talking Apiru. We are concerned with the fundamental traits of these logisticians.

Whether it was centripetal, centrifugal or radiation based separation of isotopes involved, the Apiru would have been in there or had their agents present ready for transfer to Dimona. At Dimona once the nomads had been ethically cleansed there by exCHEKA operatives of the exchequer, shipped in from the Pripyet, trained and financed by RCE/NY out of RCE/LC. You know; just like the gypsies got cleansed in Europe. Funny that they are all on the move again to steal in 2014.

From that singularity may some of the Apiru pecking order be deduced.

“Oh yes, hear ye , hear ye, hear ye!! Jews killed off by their own slave masters, gangers and Kapos in huge numbers to get their hands on industrial spilling of the atom.”

Oh and while we are at it. “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!!! Jews killed off shed loads of Christians, gypsies, gays, untermenschen and anyone else who got in their way to get their hands on the spilling of the atom on an industrial scale for export to Dimona.”

In fact the Spinning Chicken Chimney Joos, shod in the Chimmy Choos, seem to like going around killing, stealing and stealing from the Europeans, then inventing cover stories and lies. It is like a religion to them. Who have they offed in their great wanderings in religioinebriation and deathfiction?

Fake history like;

The nasty Romans killed all the Christians in the Coliseum.

The nasty camel punters stole all the Christians into slavery.

The vile square heads killed everyone in Europe.

Always in the middle of the financially engineered chaos are the Havaan’t a Cloos getting persecuted. Always with the expected outcomes Moshe!! How’s about getting some therapy and behaviour aversion analysis? Bwahahahaaa oh phukk me, you aar arving a laarf aintcha!!

Anyway as I was saying earlier, we can see the real reason for the partition of Germany/Europe and Korea. All the tasty sights of Hi-Spec-Hi-Tech hidden behind a theatrical fire curtain. The sites? Rügen, Ohrdruf, any SS run corporate camp, UNIT 731, Hungnam and the dams. All the corporations killing persons to achieve weapon freedom from the Apiru, little realising that all was being monitored and watched. Watched at ground level by feet on the soil, gypsies, Nazis, minority reporters and Talmoodjestercommies. Monitored at the Meta level by the prayers at their prayers.

Let’s reiterate an edited version of the time line, making it klaar for the contused here in the West.

  1. Apiru operatives kick off the second first world war in 1933.

  1. Hollywood scripts are scribed in preparation for a cover story and stigmatisation after the operation is wound up. Think Nanking and Warsaw.

  1. Corporates start the attempt to steal the head spec from the marks in 1939.

  1. Germans set off a trigger in 1944.

  1. US and IJ set off triggers in 1945.

  1. USSR sweeps into the trigger sites in Reich and IJ Korea, 1945. Reich and Imperial Japanese territory now partitioned with all the trigger research sites and ground zeros, in Apiru operative hands. (As an aside we can note that Patton and MacArthur were not Apiru operatives from their fate during this scam)

  1. US tests effects of trigger release during a sea borne invasion, at Bikini. 1946. (We can see from this the poetry of delivery and logistics. The only way to deliver an A-Bomb prior to B29s was by sea. Fast cruiser, armed merchant? The actuality of a uranium/plutonium trigger meant that sea borne invasions were kaput from now on. Hence the massive misinformation prophylactic for Apiru approved Overlord AND the massive risk taken by MacArthur at Inchon that really phukked off the Apiru.)

Hiding in the theft are the prepared scripts, for the west we get the usual persecution of the perps and in the east we get the usury of the whores. No one will bother to ask who it was that did the shipping and postage of the hostage, the uranium and the gold? No one asks just who never gets burned? No one asks why is so much effort expended in maintaining a falsehood and in tearing down the lie? Why so many fooled by the Holocaust and so many satisfied by the Holohaux? 

Why no questions asked why?