Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Well here we are, another year older. Any light shed upon the black waters this year?

Mmmmm….we have started down the road of describing the Apiru and their characteristics. The Apiru prime agents have been fingered as the early adopters of Yahwehism. We will continue to explore this theme over the coming years, specifically fingering this character yahweh. It does like to be gazed upon its nether regions don’t forget. Remember anyone can become a jew, it is a life style choice, just ask Abraham or Moses of the nether region staring or any Khazar. Ask any bankster or scribbler of nonce sense. Ask any criminal hiding in the firebase at RCE/TA, the temple at RCE/LC, the slaving house at RCE/BS or in RCE/NY or RCE/BR.

As usual when standing at the razor edge of the still waters rolling and roiling up and down the erosion, the simple method reveals the perps and the reason why one almost alone, observes far removed from the next companion upon the infinite tide line.

Check the body count in their writings. Go on. Their sneak thieves may have torched all the libraries but they cannot help themselves accounting in their hubris. We are few the dead are many.

On another note it has also become apparent that the amount of effort going into the “breakYahweh civilisation” beloved of Dolan et al is gaining traction. Two things to note here.

One; the breakaway civilisation has been done before long ago and had to be stopped in its tracks by war in the 20th century.

Two; as I’ve said before. Show me a Civilisation 2 star cruiser captain and her invite for a bevvy off the Tannhäuser Gate and I might entertain the idea. To expect me to credit that the indolents and intergenerational thieves have the discipline to get themselves off world RATHER than waste all the wealth on private islands staffed by eunuchs supplying cyclotron separated narcotics and buttwelded ladyboys spying on us 24/7 is simply taking the piss. The human race advances despite these retards and their infinite machinations.

Which brings me to Three.

The fools that Herd our Attention Space, the gatekeepers of the HAS, want us to believe that life is just a brief flicker of light twixt two infinities of darkness. Hence the aided suiciding, ethics of killing in hospices and general organ stealing meme pumped by the pimps into our lives. We are to consider ourselves no better than animals, ergo the cute puppy and endangered species legend constantly dumped into our living quarters, our pens, by the MSM. No one on the MSM ever asks just who were the, drowning in money, phukkedwitz that shot all the wild life in the first place to make them endangered? From which intergenerational criminal families were they scions? From the same families that want us atheist and secular now.

Well clowns of the apocalypse, denizens of inadequacy, rationers of life and deniers of humanity you got it wrong when you failed the count zero.

The Turing fail will become more and more apparent as the simple concept of 3 from nothing is considered by us and emphatically denied by them.

Existence is an entangled event horizon joining two infinite expanses of light.

Every so often one of us lights up our stasis and we continue on.

Merry Christmas.