Friday 24 January 2014

Bass Operation on the Zyklotron in SSS

Let me take you forward a little in our collective kronosthesia, the smallest possible quantum of displacement on the aleph. Allow me to describe the current unnoticed isobars of the real world hidden behind the world’s most massive delivery of kinetic pharmaceuticals upon the UKplc populace laced with arsenic.

If the whole point of WW1 was to secure the rule of RCE/LC, at that time through the instrument of the British Empire, then why should we believe that they failed?

Things that do not add up, i.e. the recognition of cognitive dissonance, can help in understanding the larger game played upon the most advanced civilisation ever to grace the planet this past 500 years.

For UKplc the main signal is the continued existence of royalty. If one looked at the weird injunction of a great big phekking tank on the Trongate 1919, then to not scratch one’s head in 2014 is to be nothing more than a dancing girl to the courtiers at the ancient temple. How come the inbred Mutantes Real are still here when history should have swept them away like all the others they put contracts out on?

For Russia the singular event that has sealed their fate is the failure of Chimijooish Torah retards to take Kiev over to the dark side.

For Germany the main question goes back even further. To the Teutoburg Wald just East of the Ba’al temple at Cologne.

For the Greeks it would have been rubbing one’s eyes at the primitive attempts to emulate their artistic genius by the envious child killers in Carthage.

All that in one blink of the eye, alephtimestylee. From Buckingham Palace to Μασσαλία in 2500 years. Always with one constant. The Apiru Cru.

Can one name them; actually call them with their signature? No. However one can point at their recruits.

So as well as documenting the characteristics of the Apiru Cru we can see their recruits by their incanactions.

However our first realisation is that we are accessories within their crime, seen.