Monday, 16 December 2013

Some background H/T ZGR

Before we go on here.

"-Japanese Researches come closer to resolving metric space between Hilbert’s General Theory of Gravity and Shrödingers Quantum Mechanics
Very nicely done, congratulations to the Japanese. Perhaps the Japanese like the Germans and Russians are seen as far too brilliant and moral to be melded into the Anglo-Zionist world order and marked for generational extinction with Fukushima. Stalin had the Russians who merely wore glasses thrown in the Gulags and murdered to eliminate and genocide Slavic Brilliance. Nothing will change with these people until Christ comes back to divest them of the British-Israel throne.
David Hilbert was one of the outstanding mathematicians of the modern era if you’re not familiar with his works. He proposed 21 geometry axioms, the greatest influence in geometry since Euclid (325 BC).  Hilbert’s work on n-dimensional space, later called Hilbert space, proved invaluable for quantum mechanics. Today quantum mechanics is said to be a theory set in “Hilbert Space.”

At the InternationalCongress of Mathematicians in Paris (1900) Hilbert presented the now famous 23 which he challenged 20th century mathematicians to solve. In 1915 Hilbert discovered the correct field equations for general relativity before Einstein but never claimed priority.
As professor of mathematics at the University of Gottingen, outstanding scientists of the 20th century (Born, Heisenberg, Jordon, von Neumann to name just a few) studied with Hilbert. Hilbert suggested to Heisenberg that he find the differential equation that would correspond to his matrix equations. Had he taken Hilbert’s advice, Heisenberg may have discovered the wave equation before Schrödinger.

Still a lot more work for the mathematicians. Too bad the Anglo-Zionist murdered so many Slavs and Germans or no doubt this would have been solved decades ago. The world pays a price for the tribalism of the WASP and Jew and their conjoined Zionist /Masonic madness and their incessant hatred of Russians, Japanese and Germans. What was Fukushima but the hatred of the English Crown for the Japanese people?" ZGR