Monday, 20 July 2015

Next time, no one is coming from across the seas to save you from the Vecheka.

A nation full of shop keepers. Eh? That was 200 years ago. Now we have a nation full of harlots and pimps. They will do anything for free status.

Would I really shed a tear if all the creeps infesting the built environment amphitheatres, cattle sheds, and counterfeit sterile harlots of this closed belief system got their just desserts from the secret death squads disguised as “police” and got deserted by life?

“Young boys and seventy-year-old-elderlies alike, were held in carefully guarded sheds and cellars. Often, during the interrogations, the Soviets tried to coerce the prisoners to admit to contacts with the “bandits” by torturing them. A slightest hint, a word, a gesture, was sufficient enough to get one arrested, or worse. The paddy wagons packed with people were driven off into the depths of the wilderness …

In the dozens of makeshift forest dwellings, in the villages on the outskirts of the wilderness, a terrified whisper could be overheard: “The Roundup!” The inhabitants of the Augustów County knew what these words meant. However, nobody probably suspected that the terror would reach such a grand scale. After all, the great majority of these people considered themselves to be rightfully innocent! Having fought in the ranks of Polish partisan units, they thought, they had endangered their lives by fighting the common enemy; some of them even cooperated with the Russian partisans. So, they would say, “I am not guilty, I don’t have to be afraid!” They were very wrong!

In mid-July 1945, the roundup operation began. All witnesses of those events agree with that. They also agree, that the arrests were carried out by the NKVD [Rus. abr. Народный комиссариат внутренних дел Narodnyy komissariat vnutrennikh del, NKVD, (НКВД), the Soviet secret police] units. However, none of it happened by happenstance, or was caused by some sort of singular event. All of the evidence shows that the operation was carefully, and methodically prepared over a very long period of time. It was carried out at approximately the same time (mid-July) in many places, beginning with Wiżajny in the North all the way down to Dąbrowa Białostocka. The mass arrests were conducted during day and night along the entire North-Eastern Polish-Russian boarder. An operation of this kind necessitated the involvement of very large forces. It also required considerable resources. Hence, it must have been approved at the highest level of command.”

That was in 1945 but it illustrates what was on the cards for ALL Nth Europeans in 1941 whether your name was Juup, Pierre, Juan, Luigi, Bernadette or Mary. You see one of the dirty little secrets hiding in all this Greek tragedy comedy today is that the Sth Europeans all got wiped out (genocided by killer merchants) a long, long time ago.

We do not needs access to the ministerial forgeries, court counterfeits and hysterical fakes stuffed in the official records, secret files or locked away from prying for 100 years carbon copies. All these are so much mulch presented by children’s storytellers to the calves and lambs of god. 

We can look at what we see and draw our own conclusions and then state them.

I mean if these royal clowns can try and hide their historical defenceless baby chicken death shagging proclivities with the aid of ass wiping popular personality cult members, and now we all know they are an unbroken krypto lineage of racist, supremacist, psychopathic pathetic inbred parasitic human Lamarckian mutantes real, obsessed with shagging their own family members and subjecting their subjects to death by fucking, by distracting us with a photo of their granny mooning the vulgar on the main drag from the top back seat of a Routemaster 70 years ago then the following reconstructed verisimilitude of your correspondent is much more considered in its import and worthy of attention within the HAS than any approved boybitch thesis or bitchboy antithesis from their higher decreed phuckpillars and cavernous minging dorms in academia.

The hierarchy we are looking at has as its leading characters on the stage we are forced to watch in the fish traps, the usual papered suspects. Roth, Rothbitches, Rothbosses and Rockbot oscar winners. Above them are the krypto Chaldeans disguised as religious. Above them are the Sheban worshippers of crystals, then the geezers in the Big Room and finally the supreme androgyny.

That is our local pantheon. Note it is local, not universal, and it is all temporal.

So, oh ex shopkeepers of the bitchboys and boybitches of make believe inclusivity and sensitivity drug induced diversity perversity debauchery of the powdered glass KY, what do you think is store for you next time a fake crisis is introduced to your asses?

Well I am pleased to say that we do not have to scratch our noodles too hard to work that one out. The plan has not changed, it simply had a hiatus, a temporary setback, and it went on vacation whilst the system digested an unpleasant morsel known as USofA corp 1940stylee. 

So, soon very soon, the old plan to eradicate all Europeans above the ziggurat line will be rolling through a town near you oh good burgers of Chemnitz, Dublin and all points non semitic.

Scalability my dear Holmes, scalability. This time it will be massive.

The guys doing the killing will be banker khazar merc imports disguised as public servants.

For hints and tips on how that works see Highland clearances, Irish genocide (academic botbitches and bitchbots of Turing Failure deliberately misname this mass murder because they are spineless bitchboys with supremacy complexes by proxy who love taking the goat deep throat), Holodomor, Bengal famine, Taiping rebellion, Opium wars etc. etc. etc. and who are the mindless infinite loop incantors of all this death and misery? 

Yahweh’s first MKUltra’d retards that hide in plain site strutting around the world disguised as commercial do gooders. All ably assisted by the second and third wave of Yahweist and Yatheist constructs occulted as everything else that money can corrupt. That is who.

And they always, always, always have to manifest as the anointed merchant police.

No one is coming to save you.