Sunday 12 July 2015


CSIO: TURKEY WAS SAVED ONLY BY BRITAIN: General-Skobelev- At-Shipka,-Russo-Turkish-War-Of-1877-78,-1878 TURKEY WAS SAVED ONLY BY BRITAIN

Yes that is indeed the case today. Just watch. Turkish NATO or RCE/TA proxy forces in Ukraine soon.

Whenever you see the word Britain use the words Rothschild Imperial Head Quarters where all RCE report into despite the rubbish about economic standing.

Let's face it, if RIHQ was stuck in poor as PIGPISSland all RCEs would still report in to it. If as I've always remarked past performance is an indicator of future behaviour then expect the RIHQ, or the true Apiru precursors of the Roth inbred fauxkleptokreepersatzkikes, to already be off planet. That little item is never mentioned by the Exopolitics five finger shufflers or Breakaway Civilisation COMICONwankfesters because they are too busy taking the free meal tickets to notice.

OxBridge fifth men to a jaffandrogyn.

New Europeans are too stupid to realise that all their leaders have always wanted rid of them. In UKplc that process is almost complete.


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