Thursday, 24 July 2014

The ELO have landed.

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Of all the films that have hit the silver screen absolutely none have dared venture near the Ziondub. I’ve waited, watched and body swerved a shed load of predictive programming waiting for that date and all have been a disappointment, deliberately sabotaged or discretely misleading.


What is it that is so dangerous that the admixture of distributed redundant systems, action at a distance, supraluminal Zion, AI and ET has to be hidden away, fail safe? I mean when bluebeam gets switched on, to take the global slave class into self serving classical cannibalistic onanism, where will the real McCoy be? Is not it the, the time is not yet?

If we can stare at the following missing thought catch and scratch our heads in the occulted and deliberated obtuseness of what can be digested as MSM, then what can we realise if we ignore the schooling and shoaling of fearful collectivisation of thought? Why do human beings seek the abuse of a CHEKA Stockholm Moshe syndrome? One has the feeling that given complete debt free freedom, 99% of humanity would immediately set up a terror to make it feel happy and secure. Humanity is indeed a happy soil for evil.

Why is it so difficult to exculcate the atheist exculpable irreligious religious tricksters? Why is the easy divorce society so clingy to no thing?

Many, many now swimming alone in the darks can discern the deep recycle of the hysterical hysteresis again.

The nationalist clowns who cannot understand the pivot around Iberia started 5000 years ago to remove the white races. The muppets that do not understand a synod when they attend one. The incapable empty vessels who cannot witness rumour with their own authority of what? Water into wine or a UFO? The stunted and djinned who scramble the understanding into strange tongues. Actors at this first supper.

If it defeats the current body of humanity to understand the laying of the great monolithic as walls then why should we expect any action to be taken when murderers disguised as believers kill millions millennia after millennia. What is so difficult to understand? Everything is known of the aggregate human activity always and at all times. Human settlements are for the application of magic through group think and inaction.

Tarot, NSA, Talmud.

Babel und Bibel Gaza und Giza Teufel mit uns.