Tuesday 7 May 2013

Cont from Apiru Clue?

Almost two and a half years since I last put thoughts to pixel on this matter and we can start to put together the evidence to prove my hypothesis that by looking as far forward as we can, we will eventually reach our past and the truth about who we are and what the affliction upon humanity really is.

As detailed in the little article above and as described in the “Babylonian Woe” we have a shadowy group in pre-history, phallus worshipping, driving dusty red donkey trains across the wastes.

From the Bisharee mines along the old silk route to Xian by land. From Arabia through Indus, through Siam to the land of Fu Xi and his I Ching. This is ancient and we are supposed to believe it is all lost in the mists of time. Well let’s get the forensic storytelling iCSi range finders into action.

What can we discern of the characteristics of this ancient “lost” bunch of travellers?

One clue is that the guards at Bisharee and the slaves shoved into the death holes were international. That is correct ancient Academi(Xe/Blackwater) secured the mines with heavy weaponry. The slaves were international from every corner of the ancient world and died on site. Someone transported them all there, guards and slave miners.

First characteristic then is a thirst for gold.

Second characteristic is a hatred of humanity, psychopathy and destruction.

Third characteristic is international logistics.

A little closer look at two points here.

Precious metals are always associated with slavery, death and secrecy. There is no way to separate these three factors. This is a religious practice, a ritualistic sacrifice disguised as the basis of international commerce. There was always a differential in appreciation of the value of silver and gold between East and West that kept the logistics trail profitable internationally. This thirst for the precious metals was the basis upon which the affliction, i.e. Homicidal Abrahamist mono Heathenism, spread over the world.

The question is; who is worshipping what?

International logistics. We are supposed to believe that there have been many “Dark ages” on this planet, not just in the west, floods, plagues, collapse of society. I will postulate that when ever any part of the planet was exhausted of precious metals, e.g.Western Roman Empire, the logistics trail simply contracted out of theatre and left the aboriginals to it, either redeploying or focussing on an already established penetration of a more recently targeted mark, i.e. after Rome fell India got it next, and never suffered any “Dark Age”.

One little quip is to note that in the well edited, redacted and fiction that is the comic book called the OLD TESTAMENT/TORAH, it is significant that the geezer who echoes down the censored millennia to us was told to build a large boat. You need large boats to transport the Nazi guards and soon to be dead slaves to the slaver gold mines. This reminds me of the fact that we are supposed to believe that the mysterious, no one seems to know anything about them, phekk off, Phoenicians simply disappeared after their ships, on secret missions, left the Mediterranean heading west. No one knows where they went!!!

Let us stop and summaries the characteristics of the activities identified so far.

International logistics, secrecy, precious metals, slavery, control of history. I will add one other that emerges from this list of traits, inbreeding, a corroralay of secrecy.

So back to our Apiru, what do we know about them?

They linked the cities of Mesopotamia, Uruk, Nineveh, Assur etc., taking whatever between the cities AND out with the state. We know that the temples were penetrated by an occulted driven collective who were determined to bring the state under monetary control. The use of the temple as cover for their attempt to bring all open systems, i.e. natural human commerce, into their closed system model whereby debt destroys the people and brings the people, penniless, captive under their iron control.

Were these secretive actors the Apiru, related to the Apiru or were the Apiru recruited to the cause?