Saturday 15 January 2011

Apiru clue?

Earlier today as I was wandering through Northerntruthseeker’s shop I stumbled over this gem.

I almost choked on my Elevenses.

Is it the dusty donkey drivers? The mysterious Apiru?

As the author notes, “I would even speculate the origin of the menorah is not even Hebrew, it could of easily been appropriated from another nearby pagan culture or one tribes fertility symbol adopted by the group.”

Good hunch I’d say.

Always keep in mind that everything, absolutley everything, is mysterious or clouded or obfuscated when it comes to us, the vulgar.

I’ll wager they know exactly who was who.



  1. But as our Hebrew chums are fond of saying, "that'll be 4%". So what would they make of that curly bit?

  2. DL I don't know, but the cock worshipping malarky seems to fit the bill in so many levels. Our Black Sea chummies were originally cock worshippers before Babylon dropped by and proseletysed them over. What do they do first chance they get their hands on PAL/SECAM video tape centuries later? Create a massive cock worshipping industry in the Cali Valley.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not anticockworshippingist per se,indeed this looks a good day out. I'd love to see an Orange parade and one of those collide in the Foregate. However to convince yourself that it in some way makes you special is nothing more than the ravings of the mentally onanistic.

  3. that was a good one incoming. nobody has a companion piece up if you haven't seen it.

    you have to click on the image to get the full effect....

  4. Yes AP I did chuckle at nob's knobs!!


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