Saturday 17 July 2010

The Weft of the Lie

Just to get you started here is a reference to something I think might be very valuable in the setting of the scene.

In the beginning there was all the information needed to form us in the initial disturbance that released and realised time. We are an integral and fractal of the basic physics of this universe.

Translated from the German by our Google buddies.

The physicist Burkhard Heim and other
The Heim'sche quantum field theory after the German physicist Burkhard Heim (see also: ) refers to statements about the origin of the cosmos and also the 12-dimensional theory Heim'sche the world and created an image of man, also the post-mortem states (1980veröffentlicht) to explain physically. Burkhard Heim has developed his theory already in the 50s, but it is extraordinarily complex, even for physicists a challenge. Home at that time was an outsider among his peers and probably therefore later published together with the Viennese physicist Walter Dröscher his theory under the title: Structures of the physical world and the nonmaterial side (1996). Heim has since been based theorists for quantum medicine seen as. Drawn from the Heim'schen theory: In our room there was an anti-world, there is no absolute space, but only a reference space that is dependent on the mass and the observer (pulse). For trust property's presentation are the basis for his argument.
physical well to new insights: "See .. archive ..>.. Congress reports ..>.. Med Week 07 ..>.. near-death experiences”

And here

Our friends in the occult know this but must not realise or release it in our ken.

We, the tools, are here to “discover” and make it real again, partially and under control.

However we are stilted and muted in our expression by the Muppet masters who cool our breath.

This is why they study astrology and astronomy so assiduously because every now and again the gates open up. We however must never know about how to construct our own gate.

All is known.

Little is realised.

Our spirits know.

Release and realise ourselves.


  1. Excellent, mate - matter and antimatter and everything else in between that they haven't yet managed to prove exists. And, as you say, they certainly won't be telling us about it when they do!

  2. Spidey it is going to take a bit of brain squeezing but this stuff has legs. Everythin that we are told is paradoxical and a "mystery" is not. We just need to clear the crap we've been fed from our thinking. Smiley face ad infinitum.:-)


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