Wednesday 14 July 2010

The Lie of the Land

Just to set the scene on where we are going I thought I’d give you a topological structure to set the topics to be explored/speculated about for the future.

You know I love TPTB and always name them at every opportunity. That is part of my namshub for them.

Where to place them in our hierarchy?

Well you also know I mention the Guys smoking in the Big Room dining on Epicurean delights, smoking expensive cigars, quaffing fine Cognac and probing loose orifices.

I hope you also remember the snippet I’ve posted on several occasions that includes Adam, Eve, Enki and the partial pantheon.

So the topology includes space and time.

Here is a little elaboration including the characters I’ve mentioned so far.

Hyper Dimensional Realisation

Local Moral Entity

Descendents of Enki

UNKNOWN (Though suspected of residing in or near Babylon, this sacramental group restarted the Affliction in 5/7TH Century AD)

The Guys in the Big Room.


Mystery School Adepts


Goldman Sucks etc.

Large Corporations etc.

If you are scratching your head about what the first line is about then we will I hope explore HDR first in my next outing. And I’m not talking wormholes bollox either. I’ve said many times that the quantum con and relativistic crap was designed to stunt our horizons. A deliberate corruption of our natural philosophy.

Everything below that HDR is subject to Time. HDR is where Time is released into our reality which affects the properties and types of action for each of the actors below. Each lower layer having less and less power to affect reality.

One of the things that has happened, disguised in all the shooting over the last century, is the movement of Rock/Roth’s understanding of why we exist to the level of the MSA. This is causing trouble for TPTB, the hierarchy is being destabilised for the first time in 2000 years or so.

An example?

Well if one stands back far enough and stares long and hard at the 9/11 Twin Towers drop then one is far enough removed from MSM coverage, non MSM coverage, all truthers, all PSYOPS, all commentary and the only thing that remains is this simple fact.

The insides of those two buildings simply disappeared. Now I do not mean got pulverised or exploded or disintegrated. I mean the guts of the buildings were removed from local space/time.

It is possible to do that if you get your head round some of the advanced concepts contained within the works of Maxwell, Dirac and the actual telemetry engineered experiments that gave the world proof that over unity is indeed realisable, engineerable and utilisable when the smart lads lit the first Big Sticks in the 1950s.

Rock/Roth are showing off MSA knowledge.

Go check the comment thread on my previous post, if the EPFCG which Dublin Mick drew my attention to is what I think it is then this is Rock/Roth showing out for the second time that they believe it is time to move up the hierarchy.

As I keep saying; you got to think like they think and then it all becomes clear.


  1. Mind stretching ( bending ?) to say the least.

    I've gone back and read many of your articles.
    Is there one you hold most important ?

    I look forward to your future writing.


  2. Dave go get yourself a handle. You'll find my shops very suspicious about the unhandled. Just ask Catastrophe Holbrooke. I've made it clear on many occassions that I consider he's an unhandled perp reporting to Ba'al Hammon.


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