Monday 14 October 2019

The Irish Savant: Sweden's busy sexual assault police

The Irish Savant: Sweden's busy sexual assault police: Something very strange going on in Sweden, the Land Where Women Rule. According to their crime statistics institute ( appropriately named ...

didn't some swedishkhaant get a impalotampon marketed in the 70s to protect the bint there from getting their manholes covetted? by now surely every wimminshealth hekateclinik must be installing standard issue IEDIUDs. I'll bet all swedish cabinet ministers have them installed with manoil triggers!! obviously for swedish inhabitedcarbonbasedlifeformqueefbearers it is nothing to do with the act or misogyny it is just the plot outcome that matters all over the world. typical commiekreeps,

we demand wimmin's rights to make everyone defenceless against slavers and harem keepers.

we must NAPALM the village to save the villagers

we must collectivise the farms to starve the proletariat

we must violate the quim to save the gynopeace.


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