Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dimensionless analysis Pt 1

I’ve put the full article on Pikey’s bollox and the addendum at the end of this thought viaduct over the fallow fields. What Pikey, “Don’t tell him, Pike!”, isn’t saying is that it is all made up. All he’s detailing is money flows and ledger accounts. Where ever the funny money flows events can be made to happen all magically like. Human beings are indeed easily influenced by witches and nothing.

How do you predict? Are you a magician? Are you a Putoff scion with ambassadorial skills and spy crafts? Are you prescient?

Is this all psychopomp?

As you know, if you’ve hung here often at the unhinged ramblings, your correspondent does like a good map, I’ve speculated that there is a first map on the Big Table that sings to the geezers in the Big Room, many times. So it is ironic that upon a dimensional construct I should be thinking dinemnsionlessness. Is that why it sings, there are no dimensions to the map?

Apart from the oopart and Pikey two other things have brought this thought to the fore. The first being summarised by commentators on old philosophers comments on elder philosophers and the second on the thoughts of contemporary philosophers.

Although it is tempting to look back and form analogies and dangerous to do so, there is though the desiccated remains of bleached experience to be realised over and over again. Like a repeating, potassium deriviative, DMT expired, deathlessness. With enough food and money any onanism is possible. Death onanism being the favourite of the separatist revealed imaginings of the death cult of Yahweh. Timeless and ever present in the Gaussian distribution of the pachinko cascade of random events. YahMoney as spiritual solvent dropping forever in the revolving random walk.

However talking bollox all day when you have no need to worry about your next meal is a splendid human pass time for scribes and prophets. I would have it that a prophet, always wealthy, simply know where the funny money money is being pumped and to what desired effect. Whole industries have existed since time immemorial to do this professionally. Wish harlots of whoredom being the primary engine to smother the whole world within the staged.

With that peculiar engineered oppressive hunger of imminent starvation removed one can spread all sorts of faith based mind spew like a divine muck spreader of idiocy. Trance inducing asynchronous machinery of oblivion and amnesia. Monte Carlo seeds of destruction within the herd induced false focus of reality, No utter nutter nonce sense too barmy for a square meal from the hungry of spirit. All the while knowing that the grim reaper will turn up at random points to destroy the memory of your fakery in the aggregate.

Basically, around the Med milieu, there must have been troops and bands of faith fakirs/spirit wraiths and assorted mind based muppets wandering in the grain belt with nothing to do but waffle. All sponsored by a central separation of the money faith fields as fundamentalism. Kind of like today. The food supply of the passed over 200 years has allowed a multitude of phukkwittery based eviloids rooted in monoheathenism to get up to speed and seed the world with death. Broadcast their sterile beliefs onto the blood fertilised fields of lunacy.

All free from reaction. Newton got it wrong. In the human dynamic there is not necessarily an equal and opposite reaction to any force applied. The force applied is invisible and dimensionless. Indeed in Lamarckian selection of the human mind any force applied can induce a non-linear acceleration in the mental breakdown of the collective mind.

Those who would look at a bitchboy like eratsersatzNuttinyahoo would do wel to remember that the bicameral mind is alive and well. A kind of non local mind profilactic for the Apiru crew.

This is dimensionless existence of the fabricated faith of a discrete humanity. Its existence is not existential and cannot be measured, replicated, witnessed or theorised.

So what has this to do with the price of sliced bread?

A nice little summary of some top geezers thoughts might introduce where this mindbarph is heading.

““To be sure, the ancient’s method is more elegant by far than the Cartesian one [analytic geometry]. For Descartes achieve the result by an algebraic calculus which, when transfused into words, following the practice of the ancients in their writings, would prove to be so tedious and entangled as to provoke nausea. Nor might it be understood. But they accomplished it by certain simple proportions judging that nothing written in a different style was worthy to be read and in consequence concealing the analysis by which they found their construction.”
          - Isaac Newton, co-inventor of calculus

“We see that the old geometers have made use of a kind of analysis that they have extended to the solution of all problems. Albeit, they have hidden it from posterity. I well realize that they must have known a kind of mathematics that was very different from today’s common one. Not that I think they knew it perfectly.”
          - Rene Descartes, inventor of analytic geometry

“The ancients seemed to have recognized and possessed such analysis proper to geometry, for in their works, I think I can make out some vestiges of it. Namely, of an algebra in which numbers are not the issue. Certainly it is by this art that they unfolded those propositions. Otherwise we would not have had them for such a long time, which only with difficulty would we find by using our modern methods. I think I have attained and discovered the foundation of this art with which, once we have found the right symbols and established some principles, we can obtain everything else by an imitation of calculating and with no need to follow the lines with our imaginations.”
          - Gottfried Leibniz, co-inventor of calculus 

When one adds to this the fact that JCM’s quaternions got chopped long before the “modern” world heaved into view with Fritz Lang/Fred Astaire/Elvis Presley, one doesn’t need to be Gabriel Kron to know that something is watching and editing. It is the objective here to further refine the thought processes, world view, of this something. It is not enough that great men should whisper about this guiding invisible hand awaiting their one wrong move. It must be broadcast thoroughly and completely to destroy the spell. The Kapo of the Apiru listening to the singing map fears knowledge before its god.

Right now in 2014 we’ve got the modern natural philosophers getting ready to ditch dimensions all together. When I was taught dimension analysis/symmetry it was placed in my hands as a fundamental tool of the trade. WTF???

“Indeed, results from the first run of the LHC have ruled out almost all the best-studied versions of supersymmetry. The negative results are beginning to produce if not a full-blown crisis in particle physics, then at least a widespread panic. The LHC will be starting its next run in early 2015, at the highest energies it was designed for, allowing researchers at the ATLAS and CMS experiments to uncover (or rule out) even more massive superpartners. If at the end of that run nothing new shows up, fundamental physics will face a crossroads: either abandon the work of a generation for want of evidence that na­­ture plays by our rules, or press on and hope that an even larger collider will someday, somewhere, find evidence that we were right all along…”

One of the problems I’ve been wrestling with here is just how can the putative geezers in the Big Room watch over our development according to their plan. They must be divorced from us in time and space. Godlike creatures. Yet dipping in from time to time to prompt/correct/redact using their puppets and marionettes in these reduced metrics.

One way of looking at this would be a Big Room parked at a slower running time stream, say nearer a large mass, with a scalar communication to our faster running time stream. We’d be parked further away from a large mass. Say at the outer part of a galactic spiral arm. Or even better, drifting way out in the tendrils between arms.

However this doesn’t address the spiritual dimension. So we might be looking for a view dimensionless.

Anyway back to Fat Albert. We are supposed to crap ourselves at his prescience, remember he’s jerking off at the same time as JCM is sorting out colour photography, and the all round woo-wooness of his dire manoil. Well let us imagine that we could produce as much money as needed for our aims, no questions asked, just fettling of the counterbalances of the machine, this pronunciation of apocalyptic simple scale. POC, test run, preproduction and then the roll out of the V.1 run. No magic, simply a confidence in the machine and a world view. Voila, prophecy revealed to all and worship duly anticipated.

If I had my hands on the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, notice that the arrival of the A-Bomb did nothing but threaten this peculiarly pecuniary weapon for less than three decades, I could make anything happen. However I would seek to do things for humanity not decouple humanity from existence and harmony. Tools like the fat Yank do nothing but reveal the limits of the power they serve at that aleph. Only so much information can get through to them from the Big Room at any instant. Their aim is constant, scalar and simple. Their delusion is ridiculously childlike and a clear and present threat forever.

Decoupling humanity from the axis mundi.

“Three World Wars, 1871 by high degree Mason Albert Pike predicted
albert pike
It is said that in every legend is a grain of truth.Many rumors are told about the high degree Freemasons of the 19th century, Albert Pike. The original of a letter written by him in 1871, and as mentioned in the planned three world wars is to be located in the British Museum in London. The first recorded mention appeared in a book by William Guy Carr, written in 1958, although at that time the tension between USA and USSR was on the rise, is called to trigger a third world war, a conflict between Islam and political Zionism.
Albert Pike, 1809 - 1891, was a lawyer, an officer in the U.S. Army, author, and - as it claims in countless texts - a satanic conspirators. It can be found assumptions, Pike would have the 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt founded in 1785 and reconstituted by prohibition, Illuminati Order represented in the United States. Speculation that a year barred in California summer meeting of influential men in the "Bohemian Grove" (Bohemian Grove), a secret continuation of this old order is, keep to this day. The only - recognizable at least to outsiders - commonality there is the symbol of an owl.
On countless websites, there are allegations that Albert Pike had written on August 15, 1871, the Italian politicians, activists, and also Freemasons, Giuseppe Mazzini a letter referenced in the planned three world wars. The original befände in the British Museum and was also cataloged there. The letter in the 1920 published book, "The Mystery of Freemasonry" (El Misterio de la Masoneria) by Cardinal José María Caro Rodríguez of Chile, with regard to the personal inspection in the British Museum mention. In this context, there is also a quote from the book "The Devil of the 19th century" (Le diable au XIXe siècle) by a certain Leó Taxil. In addition, William Guy Carr reported, but only in the 1950s, about it.
So, already in 1871, is said to have Albert Pike, but knew without time indication of the preparation of three major wars that he even referred to as "world wars".
Although the Internet publications are much longer, but I take only once briefly:
The first world war is to be used to bring Czarist Russia to case.
The Second World War is based on nationalist aspirations, to the founding of Israel serve and strengthen communism.
The third world war is to the political Zionism be found by controversies between muslims leaders its beginning. However, the rest of the world should be drawn until the complete exhaustion at all levels in this conflict.
Sources can be found at the various letter quotes indeed no, but William Guy Carr has written in his, in 1958, the preface to the third edition of 1954 published book "Pawns In The Game" (farmers in the game - original version, english, pdf) summarizes Please refer to the individual points, without reproducing the original wording.
In direct form, however, there is the following statement, which should come from the same letter of 15 August 1871 and the situation after the third war describes:
"We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and cause a massive social revolution which will clarify in all his horror the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody uprisings. Then the citizens are everywhere, forced against a minority of revolutionaries to defend, destroy these destroyers of civilization. And the masses are disillusioned with Christianity, directionless, according to a new ideal langend, but without knowing where to focus their desire for a faith are finally received by the descent of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, the true light ... "
So far the threats act as persuasive as shocking. However, it is not yet clear where the origin of the entire letter text, as cited on websites could be found. The hottest source would be of course the British Museum. However, it is not necessary to send a request there because William Guy Carr went in another book, "Satan, The Prince of This World" ( pdf download, english ), published in 1958, in a similar form to the said text . However, in a footnote, he noticed that he was informed by the British Museum, that they did not have there on the said letter. However, that a man like Cardinal Caro Rodriguez should make this regard false statements, surprised him.
Whence come the quotes, especially the literally reproduced?
Although it does not seem to be possible, an English edition of the book "The Mystery of Freemasonry" raise, even with Amazon, it is out of print, but there is the Spanish original version, both as a website and in pdf format . Paragraph 53 of the first chapter of the second part deals with Freemasonry in Russia. And there we find a similar text, but with a non-identical beginning. Because at Cardinal Caro Rodriguez the nihilists and atheists are released already in the Russian revolution, and not only after the third world war. He wrote this book in the 1920s.
In paragraph 71 of the third chapter he claims indeed to have seen the letter itself in London, however, regarding the quote he refers to a book or a collection of writings from 1896, "The devil of the 19th Century", by Leó Taxil. So did at least the twenty years before the Russian Revolution of a map for this?
But for now we come back to the, supposedly in 1871 announced to speak three world wars.Because until now we have just found out that William Guy Carr anno 1958 wrote about it. This of course would have been easy, the first and second world war aptly accurately "predict".Given the current tensions between Israel and Iran, although it seems amazing that he in his time - he died the way in 1959 - pointed to a conflict between the political Zionism and Islam, and not to an escalation of the Cold War between USA and USSR , but so far-fetched such a thought was not even then.
Although Cardinal Caro Rodriguez wrote stuff about Albert Pike, it finally acted Where the latter is a high degree Freemason, but, as the title of the book suggests, it was the Catholic dignitaries exclusively about to put Freemasonry in a bad light. That the said letter to Mazzini three world wars should have treated not find the slightest mention.
That leaves only Leó Taxil as a possible origin. After all, would be described in 1896 the future of the 20th century, he would have been either clairvoyant or an initiate. He, incidentally, was a Freemason, who had turned his back to the Order.
Myself it was not possible to raise a copy of his book, neither in English nor in French, but I found in French Forums credible evidence that the world wars were not mentioned even with him. Everything is just a matter of the "satanic conspiracy of Freemasons" uncover. However, the very title of the Wikipedia entry on Leó Taxil is: "Taxil Hoax" . The 1907 deceased man who actually Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès was called, it was all about, to write books that sold well. The Catholic Church, outspoken opponent of Masonry, proved to be very useful.On April 19, 1897, he admitted in a public lecture saying that it had been in all his allegations are pure fantasy.
That nihilism and atheism in Russia are disseminated, of course, provoked by the Masons, he actually wrote already 1896 Are the lies, however, thought enough, then it may well arrive one or the other. And that Albert Pike should have known already in 1871, from the planning of three world wars, was held for the first time in William Guy Carr mention, 1958, when two of them were already history.

Also:Attention genocide! ≡ ≡ Georgia Guidestones commandments of the 21st century ≡

The message of the landmarks of Georgia
This message contains information or ten principles which are inscribed in eight different languages ​​in the Georgia Guidestones. These languages ​​are English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. An inscription in German does not exist. The translation of the message from English reads:
* Reduction of the human population of the planet earth to 500 million people, to enable a life in harmony with nature.
* Informed reproduction of the human race -. development of fitness and diversity
* Association of the human species by means of a new, universal language.
* mastery of passions, faith and tradition with mellow wisdom.
* Protection of people and nations through fair legal and efficient courts.
* rule of a world government on the individual nations and clarification of international disputes before a world court of competent jurisdiction.
* avoid exception rights and useless bureaucracy .
. * balance between individual rights and social obligations
* appreciation of truth, beauty and love - search for harmony with the infinite.
* Do not be a cancer on the earth - Leave the natural environment - Let the natural environment.