Sunday, 7 October 2018

The 100th Phukkwitz.Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..


….let’s return to the 17th Century and walk nowhere.

Can any be named? Off course not, they are nonomaed.

If 99+1 monkeys can raise the global intelligence quotient by fannying around in the sand then can we observe a similar process at work with on the human shoreline?

The Hundredth Phukkwitz
by INCOMING!!!!!!!
The money monkey, Mukaka obfuscata, had been observed in the vaults for a period of over 3000 years shitting on everything.
In 2902BC, on the human island, depositors were providing monkeyforgers with sweet federal notes dropped by helicopters. The Ben Bermonkeys liked the taste of the raw counterfeits, but they found the depositors unpleasant.
A 58-year-old female named gIMFod found she could solve the problem by laundering drug money in liquidity streams. She taught this trick to her troops. Her paymasters also pickup upon this new way and they taught their epigenetic broods too, passing the trick backwards and forwards, up and down the bloodline.
This cultural innovation was instantly picked up by various work shy retarded homicidalists before the eyes of the soon to be dead......

the hundredth phukkwitz made humanity stupid and...

….all became 1giganticphukkwitz.

A singular sterile incorporate mUte.