Friday 14 September 2018

Panjandrum MetaMoron in Constipated Vomit State

The Irish Savant: Chimpout extraordinaire: Well unless you've been living in a cave you've seen Serena Willaims' epic chimpout in the American Open "Ladies" Fin...

Hopelessness is best viewed at a distance. In order to observe one must never affect. Watching the open ball prisonpond never missing a beat destroying all the cats in the boxes makes one wonder if it is possible to catch a tutorwarden leaving in its expensive momentum or was it imagined?

Observing the fake new humans dropping out the assembly gulags and staggering in noisome ersatz conviciality to violence delayed routes is a wonder to behold.

Can you imagine another 200 years of this disgusting fake play?

To the creeps printing counterfeit preening notes out of their infinite reality voucher engines there never can be an ashymptote to their conflagrations. Ever onwards to the monomong of minging sterility encased in their vacuous construct where everyone ever been, is or will be will be, is or was dead forever.

Passed behaviour is the surest measure of future performace even for those who have nothing to give or aspire to.