Monday, 5 March 2018

Take all the BAe/LM 1990s marketing bollox and.......

China Defense Blog: CNTV capture of the day: A new J-31 prototype at ...: ID:weihutang_cntv just shared the following TV news screen captures of a newly constructed J-31 prototype rolling out at Shenyang aircraft ...

......put PLAAF in place of USAF/USMC/USN every time you read a NATO MLA. The only difference here is that BAe/LM/Boeing/P&W/GE were only involved in trafficking the technology to the new bankstercowboys, No destruction of TACAir for the Chicomms. Oh no.

In the olden days Ye Olde Traitors only opened the city gates during the night watch. These days they do it with full on HD MSM coverage and massive rewards and kudos.

Rope time!