Friday, 9 September 2016

There I was...

......looking at the rearranged side bar blogs and wondering "Where is he? 4 years since his last posting. Still locked up with a squeeze or out on parole?"

I do miss his subtlety and restraint.

From the comments at

veritas64642 weeks ago (edited)
This comment section is loaded with the filthy mouthed sh'tyn of the tribe of child-molesters, the tribe of Molech! As for "seoclicks', if I were standing in front of you right at this minute, you would be on your back unconscious gargling your teeth! To all you shills for lucifer, I wish I were walking in Christ, upon only a brief analysis of the teachings of Iseu The Christ, it is obvious he was a nice guy, it doesn't take a genius to work out how cool earth would be if everyone could live by his teachings, I'm not a religious man, religiosity is a weapon on this temporal plane. Spirituality is what he taught, inner conversion, regardless of the outward manifestation, all you zombies and I assume from the vial and vulgar comments, that you filthy monsters are the spawn of the Sh'tyn. Iseu was a Nazarene, "Jesus of Nazareth", hello?! He was not of the tribe of Eber, ( modern corruption - "Hebrew") he was and is the Divine Ineffable, his parents were of The House of David and therefore Judahites, not "Jews" that term, like the false identity claimed by the tribe of shit-monsters, is only a recent construct!..........."