Monday, 1 August 2016

Well that is another July gone Winter.

I didn’t even get to enjoy May as I would have liked and July has gone. I will have to call a month’s hiatus to the execution of the July hiatus since the pages are multiplying.

As Thomas Sheridan, at side bar dragon, says; it is the artists that are the most dangerous and will get culled first. What he knows and didn’t say is that they will die in green housed exploration. It is a measure of the weapon system weakness that such a gargantuan amount of treasure was thrown at the artists in the midst of the paucity of the Apiru power, confirming his thesis. The iGreen grown non viable artists are removed now and only kheech remains.

However the poets of deep resonance reconnaissance are moving fast with high velocity pharmacy delivered in stasis.

I’d love Mark Devlin, over  dread&TT, to wander into the period when the Apiru raised their horns and write his next book about the vacancies.

Anyway here are some of my favourites from the days when I didn’t know I was already weit Aufklärung and was not coming back. Oh yes. That early.

Oh yes. Could not resist it.

August, apart from trying to comment on the stoker article forwarded from earlier today, really will be quite quiet. Catchup and ketchup time.

Now slip on the bracken phones, pour a fine blend, nose slowly, sippistenjoy the peat and the murk.

Whilst listening at the Spitfire list always bear in mind the angloApiru.