Monday, 29 February 2016

More for Surabaya Angie to consider......


OK I was wondering how big a plant you could hammer together in 1940 for transport to a location designed for semi-permanent human habitation in an otherwise inhospitable environment using the radio/nuclear chemistry knowledge, nuke IP (tsk tsk), of the late 1930s. And....

However this heaved into view today thanks to gentleseas blog

RI pushes back deadlines after delay on submarine infrastructure

and even though it will turn up at the other shop it deserves a leetel more rolling around the taste buds here. It should be more coherent at the other place instead of being out of phase as per usual at this node. Currently the phase creep at this blog is a slow, over 6 years, but closing, so what follow should be relevant around 2020/1.

So let us use our usual hyperbollox to extrapolate asymptotically into nonsense.

In the UK everyone of the Ukabos and newly arrived Ukakos are going commie, full moonsloocing redbastardstylee. Now it may well be that this will manifest itself as a religiomonomania but commie it surely will be Shirley. Don’t believe me? Well right now Ukabos are going Little Red book Maostylee, Trotskymantrastylee or COMINTERN Stalinstylee. Just like CommieChina or Soviet Russia or STASI Germany there will be a deathdealing agency deciding if you live or die. In UKhaziland the bog paper is supplied by your credit rating and it will flush you and your family away if you look the wrong way.

Another weird thing to consider is that the Ukakos had all their industry handed to Korea. Ships, autos, teevees and cabbage. The cole lot. So keep that in mind when you hear anything about Korea in the sewage pumped from the specially trained brain dead scared shitless common uselessness meatsackbitchboybitches mouthing UKakosnoozePRAVDA between the adverts for more HDTVpixelatedurineflowsupply and insurance theft of the money you don’t have because all the work got sent to someone else. The SBS wasn’t skulking around Hungnam with Chesty for nothing you know.

Anyway let us get back on track.

My heavily armed Indonesian senior lady police officer has a real headache coming up.

By applying the simple and ancient, tech/funny money/wardeath, Astlean paradigm to nations, then all we need do is list some relationships that can be seen simply staring at the words.

Korea→Subs and T50 Indonesia, T50 Iraq, T50 Philippines


Nationals Indonesia/Philippines/Iraq↔Nationals Korea

International marketing might create artificial boundaries for products and services but you can be sure that terrorism is truly a global marketing operation with no demarcations.

Seoul Angie also has a London terror problem looming.