Thursday 23 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 5.

Image: Christer Strömholm

OK let’s go back 70 years then, then 71 years and then 72 years.

It is school examination time in the UKplc at the moment. The amount of study going on is mind bending and good luck to those who toil hard in the spirit of knowledge and learning.  However the amount of cult indoctrination is truly astounding. I speak as one who, as part of his public examination technique, would do a search and locate on past papers. The further back the better and I remember heaving a sigh of relieve when wandering through some 1960s set exam papers that I was not going to face THOSE. Man I would actually have had to get down to do some real work.

History exams these days are a hoot. I mean you can actually make it up and pass with flying colours.

Like many out here one can safely discard all given history without damage to one’s understanding of what really happened, although as a forensic storyteller one will be alone in one’s rational view of events. It is safe to say that after encountering the tales of others who have sought ”official archive” information only to find it either, verboten, missing, falsified, forged, half-forged, half-falsified, half missing or just plain disappeared for 50,70,100 years or forever. Whether truth or lie doesn’t matter. Or actually supposedly burned, torched, shredded or destroyed by zombie parchment terminator ants of the apocalypse, one can safely say bollox to the lot of “official” or “academic”, especially the hearsay of any clown that survived something that didn’t happen and then gets Hollywood to write scripts about fiction as fact in fiction.

As I said before…”Why am I being made aware of the myth behind the false history now?”

Why am I being told that the Russians are the most evil sons of bitches on the planet by the SKYBBC-PRAVDA? Haven’t they read the Rosin affidavit? Don’t’ the spastic puppeteers know that in an age where more and more people simply ignore anything “official” or “approved”, I for instance refuse to buy, watch, see, listen to, read anything that inadvertently intrudes via advertising or placement, so all those expensive adverts that bug my ausphart viewing simply destroy another purchase from me. The under lying Talmudic message of these sales/advertising pitches is “How dare you refuse us”. The same mind revealed itself in the USSR, refuse us and get killed. Who do these clowns think they are? I do not need to be informed about any of the shit being pimped and pushed by corporates that stole everything they ever sell into rigged markets.

In UKplc there is a good old example now ignored by the so called consumers of their own existence. All products are being reduced in size to hide inflation. In the old days purveyors would get their heads kicked in if they tried that. If one were to cast one’s eyes over an advert for good old UKplc bakers and their “ooooh wasn’t it better in the good old days” harking back to the time when they shovelled sawdust, sand, shit and other good things into their bread, a baker’s dozen was protection from getting lynched by their customers.

Today a TesSainAsdMor 250g means 200g. No one cares.

So why do the creepzoids in charge want us all to suddenly realise that the Russians are bastards. Ignoring the reality that it was the Talmudic Soviets spouting rabbi Marx’s rubbish, acting for the Rock/Roth Monoheathenists, and not Russians that killed all the Russians.

I mean if it is too early yet to make it public knowledge that the jew Rothschilds were behind the Irish Holocaust( Potato famine fiction) then how can they possibly let us know that the jew Rothschilds were behind the genocide of Russia?

Well of course there will be a fiction constructed to make sure the period 1905-1945 is not mentioned, hence the current Hollywood bollox about Kinder 44 set in the 1950s. Oooooh bad Russians.

This is a prime example of the “Dither” at work. This disguises under a heap of aktuality et verité, the simple plan hatched 200 years ago to deal with two problems faced by the Levant centric world rulers operating out of UKplc.

Kill the Slavs, their numbers will be overwhelming.

Kill the Teutons because of their previous traitorous history and their future technical might and economic power will be overwhelming.

That means simply turning Europe afire from one end to the other.

The coming decades are simply the end game of that process. All European countries (EU) are now Levant centric leaving Russia to be pincer moved from NATO and the Caliphate.

A little example of this underlying simple plan is the case of Turkey which has remained untouched by this slaughter of Europe, waiting in the wings to be activated. As such I would postulate that the original plan hatched around 1940 was for a nuclear armed RCE/Tel Aviv blackmailing Europe by 1944 flank guarded by Turkey.

Two dither players ruined the plan. Stalin and USofA corp. Indeed there is evidence to suggest that it had completely got out of control by 1943.

By 1945 the shattered plan needed rescheduling and rescaling by the YEWs..