Wednesday, 3 December 2014

5 years ago and I still haven't changed my mind

Since writing that back then I've come to the conclusion that and  reckon USofA corp has committed a crime against the Roth during WW2. Your crime is to be too good and free. Do you guys know how much you screwed up WW2 for the Roth? Korea and 'Nam wasn't enough to take you apart. 9/11 was needed to get you finally at their mercy.

So just like The Russian Tsar was told he'd get taken out one century before it happened the Roth must be on schedule to take USofA corp out soon.

It isn't that much of a ball gazing exercise to read the Bolshie/Menschie fomenting of manufactured discontent in USofA corp and the limp wimped display of sabotage by your traitorMaoistAlyinskyistPOTUSbitchboy.

Go on then how can NATO convoys get vaped in AfPak and showroom fresh 4x4s get to parade around in ponceISISpimpmyshoppingmall stylee? How come we have a GWOT and the cops are all down the mall patrolling black Frigtag?

Go get to fuck!!!