Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Hiatus in the Hallucinohoax Pt 2

So what was Pt 1 all about then?

Well let us remove ourselves from the fake narrative of 6 million dead forced travellers to gaze on the wonder that is 9/11 for a moment.

Now I emphasise before we go any further that this is not a pointy finger exercise. Yours truly is not slagging anyone off here or calling out an operative.

Just to make sure you get the difference the following sentence is a pointy finger exercise and calling out of a bitchboy.

Alex Salmond/Nicola Sturgeon are foundation sponsored free money addicted bitchboy/boybitch sell out turncoat agents provocateur who are as nationalistic as my slaveganger made Malaysian kettle.

There. Got the idea?

So Judy Wood then.

I am fed up with the current Gaussian distribution of so called troof tellers and their almost manic inability to investigate anything that is so obviously a tissue of lies and infobollox. Are they too stupid to see that they are invited into a log cabin room recently abandoned by the Viet Cong in the Nung highlands? Or if you are so minded, evacuated by SS Eugen troopers in Jugoslavia. Fire still burning, coffee still brewing, seats still warm, a glass of chilled 555/Fursty sits on the table top. Ooh it is hard work this troof telling malarkey, I’ll have a thirst quenching gulp, Ice Cold in Alexstylee.


The Soviets used to do this trip wire thingy in scientific symposia proceedings and learned paper reviews. Back then in the good old days, 1950s, the west was so thick and retarded by Einstein and assorted rented philosophers of the banksterbitches that a really advanced concept, like time destruction/hormonal gravitics, could be written up and presented for inclusion in the proceedings and not a western eye brow would be raised. The Soviets would return back to Moscow circus, after a good time at the MiHi knocking shops, satisfied that their secrets were safe and the retards at the Pentagon were mind dead.

So why oh why can no one see that Dr Dustification is a Soviet trip wire?

Excactly the same thought process is at work with the Hallucinohollowmanholograpphicpsychotropichoax and imaginings. After getting past the idea that all the images and stories were concocted as trip/barbed wires before the street gangs landed back in Europe, everyone looks so satisfied. Job done.

As an aside it should be noted that this is the same bunch of freedom loving Allied street gangsters, degenerates, psychopaths and rapists who imprisoned a UKplc woman for witch craft just before we liberated Europe!!! WTF!!! Some times these little vignettes expose the primitive machinations and thought processes in play at the highest levels of the powers that be.

If all one can do is expose that total self sustaining 6,000,000 bollox that is gas chambers and human skin tobacco pouches, point out that Hitler had a fine singing voice and was kind to small animals then one is useless. One is not a troofer, one is a fucknut truth spring muddying cheerleader.

The time for asking Can U shit diamonds 2? is long gone.

The time for seeking Kripo/Gestapo health and safety guidance for slave camp inmates getting their heads cracked open in icy baths on contract to NACA is useless.

Answer some questions for a change. Questions that are never asked.

Which US/UK corporates ultimately employed the forced travellers?

What did they do for the banksters’ SS/Zionists?

When, who of and where did the SS and Zionists transfer/sell out the secrets.

Credence needs some clear water revival of the Zyklotron B.