Tuesday 12 August 2014

Paprika und Ebola Gay

Finally got to watch it and have to say that it is in its execution Akira/Spirited Away/Ghost in the Shell 2esque and slightly disappointing in technique. It may have been the inspiration for Leo’s little aleph in mindery but is still a palled shadow of what the Ziondub should be about. If blue beam does indeed arrive it will feed in through the black ice, not the blue sky overhead, is the message. That is the meme for the next closed generation of human killing dwellers. No open systems thinking allowed in the YoungiGreen, as one gazes upwards from the rubble strewn relimegreenedgraves. No wonder Gibson got knobbled.

Anyway I just wanted to note that on this day 69 years ago F-Go/NI-Go was go.

Consider that.

Fiction is fictionalised to hide the fact. Fact is factionalised to hide the fiction.

If ever the reminder of what was humanity gets itself off its knees and starts to look around then the first ever miracle in human history will have taken place. Only the third ticking occurrence of such an act since those who had their dreams shattered in an instant, twice, in this resetting of the universal intention of symbology. For in every resetting there is a universal intention of amnesia. Of murder. If only ten percent of all the dead white men, 1914-1919, had turned around and shot the wielders of symbol then the world, this instant takes so long to collapse into reality though, would now be a paradise off earth. Instead because of the hundreds of millions of dead persons procured by London/New York we experience a Copenhagenesque quantum as yet unresolved. Heisenberg was fully mastered by the ancient priestly classes alrighty. I mean when was the last time you actually evaluated one in reality. To see one is to not know its transform. To know what it is is to be blinded out of spectrum.

Chronosthesia, the application of the universal intention of symbology, is a virulent symptom of the symbola at work again. Can you actually remember that those who are at work in Gaza are the same clowns who went to work for Wall Strasse in Gomel one hundred years ago? They are not the same as the geezers who cleared the ghetto tunnels of Roth rats and Babel Ba’al worshippers from alien lands. No, these Symbola are the eternal infection, paid killer henchmen with no fixed abode.

And so today, would you actually be able to bring an RTA involving crisis actors on their way to a charity bombing exercise about to go live, spilled all over the carriageway, just as a false flag kicked off and smart droned the same freeway taking out a religious leader? Could anyone actually bring that chaos into focus and state the truth even at first hand? No.

Imagine the scene.

A troop of missionary actors on their way from Taxila to Memphis get caught up in an anti partisan sweep by the einsatzlegionnaires. Locals are trapped and starving. Time to break out the loaves and fishes.

Universal scalability of the intention.