Sunday, 26 July 2009

Wounded and killed by conventional weapons in conflicts during or after second world war as reported in medical literature. Some numbers.

More British dead.

Another UK trooper dead in Afghanistan.

The thing that I really want to know is what our Dead-Wounded ratio there is. The wave of dead troopers is disgusting enough. However the silence over our wounded by MSM is pure evil.

The G gives this snippet

This put a 1:9 approx ratio to the conflict.

So I’ve done some digging.

Go here for a fuller discussion.

If the G’s figure is correct then this takes us into Table 3 “Numbers of people wounded and killed in incomplete and unverified selection
of military or paramilitary incidents from January 1996 to end of 1998, as reported by
BBC radio's World Service” territory for this entirely bogus conflict. Indeed when you think of what we’ve allowed to be done in our name we cannot be in Table 1 at all. Or if we are transiting from Table 3 to Table 1 we are heading for a bloodier Northern Ireland or Vietnam.

This makes me wonder just what the Hong Kong Phooey is going on at the top of our so called government. With just months to go until a general election is called you’d expect panic and floods of ordure pouring from the political establishment. No it’s quiet, too quiet. With the fiscal position of the nation trashed you’d expect that one subject to generate so much heat that we’d be deafened, but no. What’s going on?

I reckon they’ve been told that there will be no general election. That something so big and awesome is going to hit us that we’ll be under lock and key for generations to come.

I reckon it’s worth wandering over to the Time Monks, , and catching a swaatch at what they reckon is on the way. Treat it as a warning, not an actual description of what’s coming down the pike, but it should make you sit up and pay attention.

Look around you, the TeeVee is getting you prepped for show trials, kangaroo courts and rationing. The supermarkets have the infrastructure in place to deliver rations to the doorstep. You know it as online shopping. Snoops are everywhere and the entire basis for our civil society is being trashed.

Heads up.