Thursday, 16 July 2009

It could be pawned though to help the banksters, and we paid for it.

So after around $100billion they’re going to crash it.

Let’s get this straight. Moon shot, get there, stop it.

Shuttle fleet build it, sell it off.

ISS almost complete now, crash it.

There can be no doubt that someone around 1960 said “Right that’s it, time to stop all progress and get back to the Bronze Age”. Limit everyone’s horizons and stifle all human ambition. You may say “What about micro tech, nano tech and miniaturisation, fantastic electronica”. Well that’s just peering up your own ass, its part of the trick pulled by Relativist nonsense limiting you sub C everywhere. It’s like the old Flat Earth shibboleth, keeps you at home because there is no point going to explore. You know what I mean, sitting all day at home playing with yourself. Closing your mind and consciousness down.

Everything that western civilisation has struggled to accomplish is being undone by the freaks who want NOAHide back.

Heads up.