Monday, 20 July 2009

Three comrades, none known, all strangers, all defected, all interred. You?

Do you have that X-Factor

When you read that favourite book again had it changed?

Shelf swaatching is a great career. Never to be advertised to the great unwashed.

Only favoured foundation piggies get their snouts in there.

Lazy inbred, degenerate, indolent clowns.

Arse bootin’, head crackin’, clown surfin’, powder smokin’, dead goatin’, fed scammin’, money grabbin’, wealth swindlin’, vaccine shuvvin’, dead buryin’, lead pillin', wet jobbin' STASI.

Shit spillin’, suckin, fuckin’, never carin’, dead ringin’, bell tollin’, grave diggin’, horse fluin’, singin’ din’ ringin’ din’ tree.

ZOMO washin’ Browner. OBAMA steerin’ you from the pages of history.

Coming to hunt YOU down when you shit yourselves indoors.

Do NOT wear any clothes.

Heads up.