Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Scotch still the best of the best.

I note that some are trying to expose and out people who are involved in the process of finding the truth. Some say " XXXXXX is a COINTELPRO”, some say “BBBBBB is a Zionist shill”, and some say “ZZZZZZ is a Self loving pimpin’ turtle”.

Get this straight whoever gets into this for WHATEVER reason gets on the “red/blue” lists. They, and you for reading this, are to be taken away.

It is hard to say this but would you please stop watching MSM converge the return of our fallen. You are being used in a ceremony.

Get your attention focussed on who’s taking the piss out of us.

This lad will get your interest, though I do say his lilt is somewhat soporific. However stay focussed.

You want to start on the most recent July 13th broadcast; it’s a classic and nails the phekkers to the wall.

Common Purpose are here to kill us remember that.

When you hear Baker Street you can get your Zzzzs in and let your dreams take you through to reality.

As Alan says,

By the late great Dave Allen

Heads up, and cheer up.