Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Make markets not love.

Massive criminality and globalisation.

Economic theorists, say Chicago school, assume each and every one of us acts as atomic rational economic entities. We will do nothing else other than enter a market and act to maximise our advantage. That is basically it. This tells us more about how psychopathic and weird these economists are than anything else. Would you trust them with the care of your loved one? Well you are, they’re NICE, behavioural economists and they’re all over the Whitehouse and No10. NAZIs.

Economists will then set about generating conferences and text books full of abstruse equations which only confirms their basic equation envy re: physicists, in their pursuit as consideration as real scientists.. Very Freudian.

Now to cut this short I’m just going to concentrate very briefly on two aspects of this flawed perspective which have reared their ugly head in some of today’s UK blogging.

Firstly markets. To make ANY market is the tryst of the amoral privateer. The ponzi schemes case illustrates that point clearly. I can point you in the direction of the US to find the aborted foetus parts market, quietly under cover mind. Got the picture? Market theory is sacrosanct and no one should care about the process content. Don’t give me any guff about the hidden hand, the author of that little slight of hand was a foundation whelp as well.

Making your business market making, as opposed to scything or medicine say, means that those who are coming to your market from other pursuits are already at a disadvantage from an imperfection in the dissemination of knowledge perspective and will shy away if possible. To make sure that you constantly come to these markets an aspect of compulsion is required, hence the market making in staples. You’re over a barrel.

Secondly check any OECD report on the nature of the world economy and you will see that there is an increasing realisation that outright criminality is now the key driver in the global business dynamic. Crims are now pushing out legitimate business people globally. Crims disguised as MBAs and lawyers. Check out why GM bit the dust recently. Your not getting any pointers do the work yourselves.

(Oh as an aside, the guy in the white house is basically Ford foundation, so is Michelle. Penny dropping?)

In summary economic theorists are employed to provide criminally driven markets with intellectual cover. The economic theorists are all foundation boys since their Uni’s and think tanks are bought. The Government is populated by alumni of the foundation think tanks. Who’s got all the money to keep the foundations going? Yep you got it.

So go buy a loaf of bread or some health insurance and act like an autonomous economic entity rationalising in the purest sense the maximisation of your outcomes with perfect information in a free market. Yeah and the tooth fairy exists.

Let’s make it quite clear; there have been no free markets anywhere in anything that you could have participated in even if you had been one of these economic theorists’ weird creations at anytime.

Carbon trading anyone? We’re been atomised into slavery. All markets are played to steal from you.

I’ve nothing against pure markets; I just don’t want to become an example of a foundation’s theoretical inhabited carbon based life form. See my previous about ICBLs.

What’s behind it all? Ritual and ceremony, but that’s for another time.

Heads up.