Saturday, 15 June 2019

Partially combusted sheildarm and the grace of….

H/T to you chuckyman where ever the hell you are.

“The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly coloured, and it's very loud, and its fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we … kill those people. "Shut him up! I've got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real."

It's just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok … But it doesn't matter, because it's just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings or money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defences each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”

It is two decades now since the foolery of a full DIcke keystone coppery got rolled out as NOX rich incomplete combustion and everyone has forgotten what came just before. When the dyke broke just after the combat water wombats of red satire dams were buried, there was a massive surfer and there rode a brilliance that even ordinary medians could talk about without realising the fathom of their free thoughts.

It must be over a quarter of a century now sine I heard Mark Thomas banging on about the Illysu dam and it chimed with other things that had wandered into to mind since the days, way before when the stench of supplphur was a ceremony, things were just not contiguous.

Like the GMAT Comintern test. Like a load of rubbish from every economist komissar you ever heard of. The stench of the thieving workshy.

Ever wondered how much silver was sent into the deserts to destroy ancient things? Go on Milton let’s hear your retarded supply side on that. Oh Moshe your shit about proletarians wouldn’t get far in a fart cantor internal bowel movement as freedom.

One of the greatest things to know about the skeletons of the twin towers is that Tolkien was alive in New Zealand and if they had been made is silver, like stone, you could never get anything hotter than the street whore's booboobeeddoo kosherblowjobs to start.

Over at one of my favourites we have another great outing. gc take it away…..

How do we know if that burning tanker was not shot in the back lot of a 21st Century Captain Scarlett and organ donor Joe Nightly as temple whore Lady Penelope production just off the A-1M? We must assume that like everything it is a fake imagination as reality play.

Luck, serendipity as synchronicity is the by product of not just good planning but foresight at our distance.

One must remember that not just the illumination of velum and humane skin but the maintenance of the prayer shield was for ever their duty. A weight never lifted but sustained for all time.

It is not just the smoke of cathedrals that we scry, it is once again the powdered atoms of infinite singularities as pumice. All nuclear chemistry is contained by scalars. All is within and without us so nothing can ever be seen that is not the prayer of fooled and evil.

If you involve any business in anything then you will die early and in poverty.

SNAFU!: F-35 News. Quotes from Naval Aviators that you mi...: via Defense News. “The solution is: ‘Hey, we’ll just limit the afterburner to less than a minute at a time,’ ” one retired naval aviato...

Which bit of night and day all they do is strive to make everyone slaves, destroy all civilisation and drop all you have into their ever so secret, you will never get a sniff of them, charidees!

Do you remember all the quality standards that fronts for theft, like BAe, Goldmansuck, BeePEE, ENRON et al, used to bang on about, yes that’s right, just before they stole everything? Do you remember the ISOs the TQMs and the 6 shitma stigma? Well it is all phukkin bollox. Imagine letting a load of khaants do anything the last person that should be allowed near anything is a businessretard? As I’ve mentioned before I watched the 89 MBA class try and cross a crocodile infested swamp after their crap aircraft had crashed phukkin’ far away from anywhere, all they had was a load of tampons, a bread roll and empty minds to “work” themselves. If I’d been a local tribe’s man I’d have spit roast the racist freeks. Now that is Darwinian. Marxist Business Annihilators that cannot breathe out with, the publically funded, poor person maintained and the constant attention space of an Iron Lung!

Normally I would consider the taking of a slaughterhouse poleaxe to the same subject after it has been turned into combustibles, like an Oregon lumber mill as explosion, to be a tad under achieving, however once again the subject of sabotage has raised its swollen budget glans again. I mean have you bean phukked so far up the arse you actually got a defective dick head stuck in your frontal lobes? Really?

Looking through the remains of the ramen I used to doodle about as a child I am forced, nay coerced, to make the following statement.

For those who seem to think that all the dead people in Germany were somehow happy to be blessed by an arshionable fractional socialism then you are to kuntfed to bloat your own liver. Goosstrangling as steam driven Byzantine harps reciprocating harpies as herpes is to good for you.

When all that your peace time economy can do is drag the airframes through the airstreams with your enemies crap castings then the world of the deal as long range set up is without doubt. The entire world is a deal and no matter what you do, the far flung new beaches are where the fodder will be brought to be tied to your canon. Ask the clown Quigley to remark on Lenin’s fukkwitz life.

Eventually the poverty of existence will be made universal. As I’ve said many times before the thunder god that made some khaant slit his son’s throat, lamb kebab delivery by kangaroo, as cum filled bun, a spit on missals, as dead people in your burger meat, as burning offering as BBQs, as shit in the racist malnourishment, excepted, could not care if it sat alone with all the gold in the world in front of a stargate or in front of the midden at King’s Cross. Just so long as there is nothing other than it’s unformed thoughts as disabling disability.

Have you looked at what happened just after the first generation of airframes got designed?

I do consider the flying death trap to be the exact replica of Bomber B, but it is also the business plan of Me210. All failed afterwards. Go on then name me anything that worked for the Swedish meatball bag after 1939? What did its handlers do to it in the world’s most unlikely load of ineffectual Vikings as oopmaloompas' spunk stained refugee camp as pink swirly thing? The bi cameral dickheads know phukk all.

As I said the time lag of outcome is not ever to be found in your presented predicament.

Failure is an option, just watch the pissvision, and then you disappear.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Constant Contagion or Handed Canker

Have you ever been deepen and deep in the clouds over the clear loch?

No you have not, not with me over Otter Ferry. I spent a summer in the clouds there listening to B52s and A6s screaming thought the water ingestion. Ups the impulse. Digging the peat is just a long trench. Putting trees for no reason but a tax break is carbon tax as fumes.

Having been parked here in the easyjet borough, within the great coffin of dearth, a glaring oddity has been so clear that nob one has noticed. It is like a missed Ron Jeremy sticking out of David’s cocksocket. No one is supposed to wonder at the huge hands because from the perspective leased to us we cannot phantom what a major tumescence should be staring at all in sundry, in full view, but no one knows it is there. No one is really able to put their bi cameral minds into focus and see the enormous engorged stiffy poking everyone’s eye out.

It, this pert petri shitehole, is now a country where one does nothing but whore, thieve and fool. It is the default setting for barphingfecalpukonomics. Since everybody of paper in circulation is a fake harlot’s lot. That is correct in order to eat one must let one’s shitter get phukked by the printed failures. There is to be no other activity permitted by the stone arse age arse retards that have always stolen as reflex.

Take a good look around here in the continuity of oligarchy shithole, everything has failed. Absolutely nothing works. Why? Because of retards at the industrial scale currency forging and counterfeiting centre, life style as Lamarckian choice to deal death. These khaants rejoice at their unknown murder by issue as onanism. Viewed as a disease or infection then the corrective action would be to napalm the counting houses and DDT the freaks infesting and hanging out there.

Unemployment and faux tutelage of the useless cartouche chizzlers is the norm.

Do you remember the slave markets run out of the backward thieving shithouse in Venice?

Ever wondered why all that we bereave is shirt lifted? Like a spell checker foundering all  odds. It is just like pencil whipping, pistol and petrol whipping.


Thursday, 13 June 2019

God bless you but you forgot about the Z

Trostky Palmerstondain Cretins. Go swallow ibuproren as gunbarrel

You could shit, piss and spit down the slant eyed cascades.

Did I ever mention bye bye Rolls Royce as BMW.

SNAFU!: China Expands Military Base in Djibouti: via EPOCH Times China is rapidly expanding its military base in Djibouti, a small African country on the Red Sea, according to a recent...

One of the most interesting observations of the intellectual property world is their enforcers.

If you don’t’cunt want to win anoint then make sure you obey IP statutes.

In a world where one could watch bitches getting it up the shitter one cannot witness anything. The clap crap Pyongyang pissing in HIV bukkake ,your eyes, HDTV surround sound BBC show nothing yet one can watch a fire extinguisher getting shuvved up the exhaust of a harem happy butch.

As I was listening to one of my combustion professors lecture, I just for once paid atenti, to the progression form reciprocating machinery to high seed rotating machetes, he said we were not start enough to do 3D combustion. Breslau.

Lead in cyclic carbon is one of those weird things like taking nothing from retards to help terrorists. Ever wonder where the next petrol bomb infused EMP is going to come from? You phuks, you pay for it

Massive brown coal reduction facilities were cranking up in Seeth EEfrika moan, how did that happen? All gone. You can fart sideways down a gas turbine, you cannot look away from a corncob otherwise you get non specific uterthueyeritis, as a life plan.

So how does it happen that you can respect IP law even when the cities are burning from end to end? The cunning of reason is no match for the cunts of phukkwittery.

You are each bitched by a bouy that is why.

So after two year of war the Nastees were blasted from the planet and yet the real war of eradication continues.

Got the idea yet who the eviloids are?

Shuv that cinderblock up your arses sideways. for one day your hovel will be full of other fucks shit.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Phukkin'A Charlie boy...

Truth Hertz: All Hail Father Abraham! (6-10-19): [Download] Charles comments on our current state of affairs and then gets into his revelations about good ol’ Father Abraham, who is quite a despicable character, spawning the Abrahamic plague upon the Earth.

Naplam Big Dawg

SNAFU!: Should Western (American) Military Forces stand ap...: NOTE:  Gonna ask your forgiveness on this one.  It's disjointed and slightly rambling.  I might take it down but if it's still up...

There is a beautiful photograph of KGV in the Clyde just after launch. She is posed from above; all her AA and URP are in place, with the south bank of the Clyde in full view. Cows graze peacefully there.

She is leaving a barren north bank where almost all of the world’s ship machinery was fabricated 30 years previously. If like your correspondent you wanted to get all feisty at Mach 3 then the ferreting around at 0 IAS will disappoint your pitot.

What I love about these 14in wagons, counter projectile trend, is that they should have had 12 guns. Like the big 15 gun gold transports, they got de balled.

It was realised after the all out ineffectualness of WW1 that there was no point in achieving victory, all one needed to do was resign hail on the optics.

If you need to germane a vision of how this pans out simply take a look at any tiger after the two were handed over freestylee to the opposition. All are peppered by “useless” anti tank rifle fire.

Always remember that WW2 got halted way before plan. It still is an unfinished business plan.

Anyway back to my beautiful big boats, short on power, short on armour, short on guns and short on range. In a global empire. YFK!

All that has occurred these passed 100 years sow that no Northern European power has access to the Med. But he chinkiecommiechild killers do.

All that Fisher wanted was delivered in 7 Dec 1941.

All that is coming now is Turing Fail AI as liberation.

Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.06.10 (Sti...

Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.06.10 (Sti...: Brizer's guests: Paul English , Dennis Fetcho and E.Michael Jones Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3 Cornwall Stream Mami's Arch...

If you wanted to poison everyone in sight what would you bye?

If everyone was pissoned what would you killincoil?

Do you hate intercourse?

Now that the police minister is getting off the potty what kind of khaant id is going to dump on us? Hard Sheella is off to park her barren fanny in asses milk. Ooohh no it is stricken by dry khaant, ohhh no don’t offend her stasus. It brought nothing into the wold but gunfire and sniper.

I do like the sound of all the tree choppers with iGREEN awards here. 24/7 blurt and phanny killing all. Id is a hand job.

Do you nwow  lovov lemberg what a talpiot is in aushsitts?

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Your Harem Keepers

Truth Hertz: Serial Killers (3-30-16)

I remember, indeed I hold one of my photographs of the day now, going down the A77 to the old ferry to Ulster. On the way we passed Cairn Ryan. There she was. Resting as a great pyx. She had held and was blessed with the sacred memory of all those who never had been named through, in her substandard material. The name is her.

Whenever the memory of the day I leafed through the book of the Great War in the public library in my local library seeps into my mind I see the main spread which was of a dead monitor, all sepiafied, resting in the stream, guns silent, I remember the long gone; murdered by Apiru travelling, sacred wandering, counterfeiting criminal racist banksters.  Public enemy number 1. A damned good straddling by 18” sybians is what they need, until the bins are emptied. Furious as creed.

Though not an expert, your correspondent does have a keen eye on the floating things and it is not without some evidence that the opinion has formed over the passed decades that there was never meant to be a clear victory for anything that the inconvenient UKabos did strive for.

Consider the action in the Denmark Strait. Consider the action off Malaya. Consider the great ship on Gibraltar beach. Consider the condition of the Cherry Trees, 9 16inch guns and nothing, why bother? Consider the only time a full fleet operated and all it did was burn fuel, iGREEN care to take issue with VoldeRothmort on that?


My old chum hit the dirt on Suez, he was only there because the rations were better. It was as usual a complete fukkfest that only the best starved by design harem insulted corral could furnish. Not only did it get Ike on his toes it most likely got Wassabbi cultists in London upset that all was kicking off before project mile stone. If you think that the firebase in Tel Aviv is anything but a crusader castle then you are truly phukked in the witz.

Do you really think that anything in the petridish here in the smokescreen is not planned within dither? If anything goes off culture cult then the counterfeit gets pulled. A real dead man handle. But you will never know the handle of that hand.

So crossing the T is not recommended when your chemical propellant, you’re cemented and your turbines are all ersatz by accountant. It is not to be entertained parking you pipper and squeezing the tit when/if you want to live free. All the mortgagedengines are designed to kill everyone. No victors except the non-combatant dreadlocked heathen voodabrahamist workshy phantacist.

“So what the phukk are you on about you khaant?” I hear you lament.

WAG seems to have taken a direct hit in the magazines.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Black and Tans

SNAFU!: Blast from the past. Battle Of Bogside...: Women preparing petrol bombs during the Battle of the Bogside, 1969. I'm doing a little internet search because the idea of an insu...

Just because I couldn't comment, here you go you Turing Failed crossdessers at the Cheltneham womens first eleven fist festung.

All the expensively cultured areas have been rewilded and the farmland is no longer British. It is a firebase control centre. Think Khe San as an economic model you Chicago schooled money failures. What do you expect? USofA is next.

As an aside it should be noted that all the imported black and tans, especially the welfare bitch tans, think you Irish are trouble making terrorists.

BWAHAAHAHAHHAAAAA. Stone age stoner misogynist head choppers calling kettle black.

The theft engine….or larcenous slurry talpumpmoodideath as racism.

Continued from lambda.

Your correspondent was just watching witchvision, hexTV, one of those crap STASI undercover BBC (Habiruclue) controller, gruppenfuhrer, MiSpi hidden Kombrig shows for fake bosses to wankon they are just like us, at the moment. Do you remember the double glazing clown who worshipped business guru commie, my way or highway retards? Do you remember the call centre freek? Think temple whores and you might get the truer perspective as willing autoeunuch as castrati.

It, Altophukkwitz, was on PyongYang channel as I parked my arse and it just brought some things to mind. If one can land a container of mind gas, tits out, what is the point of developing 5 note Horst Wessel madrigals in the kitchen when there is a reign of fear in the upstairs, seeping, downstairs world of forced oral phukkery? The house seems to think that it can sustain by pumping mandolin oil up the arse and pimping Agent Orange down the throat. Rubbish in, rubbish out. The altershitter is non specific arthritic urethritic channel on petrified freeview.

Cordite and Semtex leak continuously out the cracks as turded birth canals, a modified, drugged and trepanning uterus, of semicognicent barren issue.

In this particular show we’ve got anyothizier krypto, faux origin, selected for slaver characteristics, Lamarkian complex, workshy, limelight huggin bosses fagg Apiru de Santos, fannying around in the tractor stats world that can only exist when Balondyonian counterfeit currency is flooding everywhere, trying to pull a load of Madison Avenue schemerschmeer on the feudal coffee bean kaffirstate.

When one looks at the creep, it just cannot get its unselfawarehead, round the fact that in every way the teary phukker is a star spangled eon parasite.

As always with these ignorant clowns they are constantly on recon. The fact that the slaver farm in backwardumbia will be a private cleared estancia for his inbred extended family, if the farm has nice things they covet secretly, is never alluded to as the tikka massala heals the world. But it will be done slowly through engineered failure as thorough debtonation with blurtmoney that stinks like a herring boat bog door.

To put it simply for those who do not get it, the world is a house. In the upstairs a magic infintinflato kranks out fake eating vouchers and the master of the krank makes everyone expose their holes for depositits and deathcum.

Now don’t be getting all upset you boybitches and birtchboys of devilersity and enkquality for fluid filled nothing, the master can be succubus and incubus, it does not matter just so long as the shaft kranking unspirals all spirit to denature.

Out here with you and me in the herb garden all we can see is the closed curtains, smell the powder and hear the constant screaming, the unending misery distilled within those four walls. We are unwanted and we empire.

If Parsley is overhead we will be dead soon.

Hiding under the briars we await the beautiful Tayberry, blackcurrant, blueberry and bramble crop capturing our freedom for honour and grace. Laying quietly these passed few weeks listening to the squadrons of busy bees, dinging their unformatted precision thing, has been purest delight and the extra bonus is that despite the best efforts of the award winning iGREENCOMINTERN to destroy all fauna and flora, I espiedinthesky, heard the careening, witnessed the swifts who have been pulling their gorgeous yoyos and wing tip stalls over head upon their return. Failure free aeroelasticity as art is not in man’s power. Only spiritually sprite drained engineering in a net.

If you think that we are going into space soon, you know my opinion of stahl toecapping, that will require the expansion of the mongmind to reduce bitparsecs to failed bitmeasure. Nothing is created from the ever empty pity hands that kill. Nothing can be conceived in the cranial void of dead death.

All power resides within us and the last breath of beauty is unifying and unending.


Thursday, 6 June 2019

Now then, now then, boys and girls, what does 120 years of bukkake...

War News Updates: Protests And Riots Return To The Streets Of Paris: NBC: Tear gas flies in Paris as French 'Yellow Jacket' protesters clash with police Police launched tear gas and water cann...

.....of continuous piss take look like?

It takes centuries of planning to clear a continent of it's Abos.

Our face, their joy.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Perspective as a feudal remove

SNAFU!: JS Izumo (DDH-183) taking part in Indo-Pacific Dep...

Tasty beast that flat top. Unlike UKplc’s Fordian clunker, I’d wager that it will not burn from end to end after a sunburn. However it is not really the way you win a war these days, that involves parking your manoil several generations before the gun fire and sniper starts in a sacred mare and move as unrecognisable traitorous continuity of oligarchy as normalised commerce.

As is clear by now, your correspondent has entertained the idea that all the world’s oceans are now the Med c1940 for Czech armour plate. Too little manoeuvre room and therefore no place to run to, no place to hide. Right here, right now all one needs is a launch hall and fab, 1943 stylee, where the robots can work night and day lobbing stuff into the bases like Guam, Pearl or a robouboot to tag the target fleet. Room for manoeuvre is in orbit now.

Oh yes, von Braun would know where all this was going. Isn’t it funny that an eveel nastee only wanted to go into space for the challenge but the freedom loving french fry swilling liberty peeples of the dust cannot do anything other than stuff the ground with billions of dead personas as their first thought and action?

Anyway. What no one at the BIS will point out is that all these combined fleets of satanic worshipping, fluid gender swilling, PVOStrany analogues will not realise that they are the designated losers until all their barges are wrecked.

Exercise away lads it won’t make a bit of difference, the ChiComm AI Nelson will take you down, you load of unfocussed Turing Fails.

And then it goes into orbit, with lessons learned.

Space Manorialism is not an opera; it is a robotragedy of epic harem proportions.

I mean, come on, do any of the pleasuregelphseunuchs that worship regularly at their spreadsheets and attend the altar every weekend at megawarehouse rationing stations ever think that they and their wandering groups of random technocave dweller associates consider how much they are hated?

Watch any one of their squatters at an ancient standing stone, they are blank and the stones are alive. At no point, at no time, at no occasion are these self selecting nulls ever going to be allowed near their souls by the wicked wizard behind the harem curtain. For behind the green curtain is the wizard and behind the wizard is the most successful eviloid you could imagine.


Friday, 31 May 2019

Farterbilker Kriminal Kabal plot in their Compound

Do you remember when Bighat Tucker would wander like a stealthy arthritic ninja outside the gates and do nothing but report like a great bloated Vidal waving Ginger Rogers as Lois Lanestylee fakeage reportage imaginatorsturbator?

Well, if that wheezercise was useless excercise decades after the Farterbilkers actually were an active front, what the hell is it today but a temple troupe ersatz time waste for Turing Fails to watch and cum all over their eunuch oil soaked fake orgasm iZones.

Any real reporters would be deep in theatre giving us the photeez from the NeuBohemia grove in Brasiliazone or the HongFarterbilker camp in Chunking, innit?

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Surabaya narcoleptics and Penang shabas night clubs

French carrier trains with Australian, Japanese, US ships in Bay of Bengal

As I was waffling earlier there is a great deal of cognitive dissonance to be found when one sticks one’s nosey beak into the ideas of mental judaics, remember you don’t have to be a jew to be a kyke, just before the Harranian scholars pulled the pin on the demolition charges parked in the West for centuries.

Pilpul is not a Darwinian concept it is a Lamarckian life style choice as sterile hothouse fiat econiche thickery.

Notice that the trouble making gangsters never have any trouble wandering the planet in luxury, getting a nice gaff to park their sorry arses once arrived and never short of the bestest life enhancing tools and softest cotton sheet wrapped pleasuregelphs to kipoff. Trotsky did like his refrigerator just so, in a time when 99% of the west’s population shat in the dark in the open air wracked with consumption. Don’t be getting too distressed when the whole raison d’être of hotels is trafficking slaves and resting agents, nativity anyone?

So we have two too incongruous ideas growing in the hydroponics in 1935?

In order to bring the Thothian specific weaponry, only actioned by the mental signatures of Those, into reality after millennia of waiting, the Slithereen tongued khaants got to the ear of FDR through the Thomas Dolby lookalike fake poptart popstar who got laughed out of Germany after dumping his smarter wife to shag his close relative family’s fluid locked masonmanoil reciprocal, squared.

Meanwhile a load of unemployable wastrels were given a blank cheque to write as much forged counterfeit currency that maximised the waste of as much time and emotional capital as possible in pursuit of what the P36s would find useless as the Art of War. Have you ever wondered how thick the academy really is?

Once one understands the weirdness of Thorium and Mercury being dumped all over the murder chamber and even after the NCIS tractor statisticians have wandered through to simultaneously corrupt and sanitise the crime scene, like the scandal in sunny Japan where Jun’s lads were still at it a decade later, then the following statements make sense and all is klaar.

Anyone who wants to dump fission reactions, pressure waves, as part of the hallucination that is Alice’s strategic bombing fantasy is a temple whore.

Anyone who wants to go anywhere without nuclear chemistry providing the motivation is going nowhere.


Monday, 27 May 2019

You are not fit to rate my farts

Continued from

which was itself a continuation of

amongst others.

Here in the most advanced society on the planet…before you choke on that I’d better just run off a short history of the dump. For all of the 20th century the UKplcabo was  starved, ignorant and unemployed. It was locked within its island prison and rationed. It was machine gunned to death over seas and then in their own streets. Tanks stalked their workplaces like in all banana republics. It was terrorised by threat of the heathen almighty turning up and vapourising their shithovels. It was not allowed to know how other people lived well. It was then used to kill every ordnirabo overseas who might live well. UKabo then was given a cell block to watch it's pissvision nonstop. It handed all its money and wealth over to foreign tax farmers and rentiers. It voted into administration foreign gansters’ thieving bitchboys and boybitches and had everything stolen.

In the 21st century it feted war criminals and can only be viewed as collegiate mass criminals under 24/7 CCTV living convivially as house boys and harem bitches. You can murder in broad daylight but one daren’t let off a 5 note fart that might be construed as the Horst Wessel without getting dragged away to the Sovietstylee asylum and shot. It is a blanket 24 7 365/6 non stop D notice oompaloompa retardosphere of phukkwittery in a chimp house.

In my memory Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair/Brown, The Gang of 4, Son of Sam Mayostein and the next Chicomm clowneunuch, were/are all bitchboys and boybitches of foreign powers.

..ergo in the worlds most advanced society it is not surprising that the UKabo collective is the oligarchs wet dream. A whole national collective Turing Fail.


Mass destruction by Berneysian altar bitch creatives pumping and pimping short term loans at 1000%+ to poor persons, 99% of UKabos, derived like magicians bukkake from nothing, right in your face.

The UKabo still hands over its blood, for free, to the Vampire organ trafficking Hecate cult dearth and death shop known as the NHS. Shitting in your face like a colostomy explosion in HDTV.

Now before I put the boot in again I want to have a little detour on why UKplc imported so many commies from eastern Europe after the Wizard of Ounces wall fell in 89.

Ever tried to start up a company and get into the many tiered gravy train that was UKplc’s on the never, never, public housing refurb scam in the 2000s? Of course not. Having run with a load of Bulgarian/Lithuanian, with the odd Pole, geezers who made it well in the Brown/Prescott piss take for future imported, bombed and gassed by NATO, refugees, only ex-commies who could pencil whip the acres of bollox documentation had the skill sets to handle the unbearable kackocracy’s hurdles in the Trostky puppetshow.

So are you maintaining your credit score UKaboretardospong???

Friday, 24 May 2019

The Marcuse Harem Blockführer Imagination Komcorp Smoking Ban

continued from Hypergolic Dialectic
Once again we return to the Big One. The incomplete final work of the masters. A stage play that had to be stopped before the last act got underway. If we can halt and partake of one of my favourite pass times and look at the map then we can stare at how the world was, how it was not yet remade and how it will look in the days to come.

Forgive the jump room bollox but we will divert to Vietnam to illustrate the primary directive of all actions approved by the warlocks in Babylondon. As we all know by now the USofAcorp was not supposed to emerge victorious in Vietnam. It was there to provide the anvil against which the hammer of Babycommie worship could sickle the weeds. It always intrigued me that the clown who “sorted” the Malay problem was imported to help the campaign in Vietnam through the simple expedient of sweeping the weeds into safe villages and camps that on cold examination simply look like conzentrationslaager.

Let us state it clearly. In Malaya the Babygangstas ran the gangs, counter gangs and street gangs, counter street gangs, guerrillas and counterinsurgents so there was no lessons to be directly imported to soon to be Vietnamistan. The Malay TaliBabylonian plan can be seen clearly in Vietnam but at a higher level. The street gangs are Vietcong and ARVN, the counter gangs are NVLA and USofA corp, the COIN are in CIA and COMINTERN and everybody who was an ordinary person got dead. BabylMission accomplished. I know what you regular readers here are thinking; he’s been watching Eucalyptus Nunc again. Yep,

"PBR Street Gang, this is Almighty, over...
This is Almighty, standing by, over.
This is Almighty, how do you copy, over..."

There is an island far, far away with a shed load of drums from National Socialist Germany parked by the runway and rusting away quietly, vintage 1943AD. Now why would you take a load of UStroopers and dump them in Unalaska from the deserts of California at that time with no theatre specific training and kit? Ooh err missus do you reckon someone was driving black Artic Unterzeeboots a bit farther and more frequently than we can believe. And where would these geezers with the tinnitus be going then. It sure as HongKongPhooey wasn’t to take Martin Bormann on a farewell Drum’n’Base tour of the far eastern night clubs!! Your correspondent has been pondering the cover story provided about slight amounts of radio chemicals in the water run off there. YFW!! A phukk load of IJ troopers and their munitions, a phekkoff great runway and the shit weather to strain some Uranium out of the rainwater? You might as well bag cow farts FFS! How’s about the island being nothing more than a great big small version of UKplc as Runaway One, an unsinkable Milchkuh.

Now at this point I will simply state something that is not to be found anywhere in the legends we are fed by script writers about what we are supposed to believe was a great big enterprise for good and we the beneficiaries of this great effort should never question any part of the utlrabollox.

At the highest level there is enough evidence in the irrational tales that at no time did UKplc or USofA corp understand what was really going down despite them engineering the Baruch/Szilard War..I would let you scratch your head at the fact that the suicide gang who were slamming zeroes into carriers were the same gang that stood down, yes stand down orders, when Babystalin moved in Aug 45…though I will conceded that the IJgang did keep fighting until Oct/Nov 45 in the same dirt that the SBS and Chesty fought a few years later. Countergang.

Mobs, counter gang, street gang, counter insurgency, flash muppetry.

Now consider roundup as gang as corporate person as androgynous pirate.


Thursday, 23 May 2019

Mami's Shit: 50 Years of Race Wars in Southern Africa, Jan Lamp...

Mami's Shit: 50 Years of Race Wars in Southern Africa, Jan Lamp...: Many of us in North America and Europe have never witnessed or experienced the extreme brutality of war. In this slideshow presentation e...

As an addendum to the comment I parked at MAMI’s on this one, after puzzling over certain events from the continuity of oligarchy state, Terroresa Son of Sam May keeps referring to Statutes from the late 15th/early 16th century so shuv that in your pipe and smoke it, I do entertain some contra interesting thoughts.

In his autobio “Three Sips of Gin” Bax relates a very level headed story which only goes mental towards the end. The narrative gets phukked by the censors here so badly that it must be a deliberate flag to stare at.

Since it is no longer possible to do the same open source research here on the ausphart as one could in the good old days when hard core porn and the Saturn Solution was all you could get out here, one is left to ponder.

The reader, having already spotted the MiHi Queensman Cornish key stone mason copper traitor/loyalist bipolar bought and paid for bit player, follows the insertion into Mozambique and it goes pear shaped, the reader is left wondering.

This reader forms the opinion, from reading around the history of other events far, far away, that Henry VIII’s continuity of oligarchy admin had run ChiComms with Hereford copper plating into the area.

Decades later we find that there is a fukkoff massseeeeevv royalist compound in the MzB jungle for the Royal Dutch Shell game royals to swan around in parking their erogenous zones just so, with no annoying whites around to shit on their parade.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

London has The Greatest ChiComm weapon system deployed.....

SNAFU!: F-35 News. The hits just keep coming...this time ...: Thanks to Mark for the link! via Air Force Magazine. “The Department of Defense, and the Air Force in particular, have sent conflict...

30 years, almost to the day, since we chatted about this moment turning up.

Do you remember all those commie bashing films where PVO Strany or NK MiG drivers couldn't make their own calls or use judgment. Expect massive shoot downs as the inhabited Talmudic Turing Fails check off their combat gender coded equality weapons before being allowed to manoeuvre!!!

ChiComm big war doctrine doesn't care how fluid gender you are, their high velocity will just turn you to fluid.



Monday, 20 May 2019

Time to look at the 7. 2 of 7. A New World Religion Constance Cumbey

I would simply add to CC’s first book title the word “Convivial”. With everyone wondering where the protest movements went, YFW!!!? Convivial Barbarism is the lifestyle choice of the global hot house Eunuch class. When, not if, but when the counterfeit money operation is turned off the whole lot will be left to starve.

CC’s analysis of the EU’s ubermuppets from 20 years ago and the Euromed bollox was spot on. BREXIT and Yellow Vests, two sides of the same smashed in Kalergifasces.

“So what?  I hear you ask.

Well fast forward 200 years and imagine the skunknockering survivor savages making their unknowing pilgrimages to worship at flat earth stadium Wembley or the Kubrick shrine off the old A1(M), hoping to juxtapose their fading sex organs just so at spring equinox. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA. You can guarantee that a peacefilled freeself serving Talmud AI will be stopping off to gaze at the scum from LEO and wondering “Is it time to nuke the clowns from orbit”.

OFM!!! Talk about Hesiodic justice.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Hypergolic Dialectic

Well there we are, the 76th anniversary of the lads going at the dams and landing on Attu has passed/is passing.

Like the old IJ dams where our SBS lads were with Chesty, we are never knowing of what was really going down. As Patton never new when the SAS intercept teams got pulled during his operations in late ‘44.

As we wander through our daily singnorance it would seem that the very earth under our feet is slowly breaking us into reality, the loam is composting our ecmnesia,  fashioning us as affixed bremsstrahlungnephelim, and making us everbound broken angels. Could it be that some of us, in fact a greater proportion of us than ever, will not escape this infinity film of blackness, this never ending sandwichedsliver, into the boundless light of lifed? To leave existence, never. Either way should be our majority but it seems to be only for the tiniest minority.

As I was waffling at the firebreak outing here long ago the flame fronts are washing over us again and though we are completely unaware of their combustion of all that we imagine we hold dear, the process is actually wished into effect and there is no contrition though the tears are real.

If absolutely no one, ever, can tell you anything about God as soon as they open their yapp, how can they speak forth any truth about where a bomb landed, anytime, anywhere, anyhow?

If no one actually knows anything about how to kit out troops in a war economy how can they tell you anything about suicide bombers in a media centric attention economy?

They can go get to phukk!!!!

The iGREEN youngPIONEERS are going to start delivering high velocity pharmacy, the COMINTERNphukkmuppets, to ordinary persons and yet they slaver when trees are felled in the hundreds of thousands and dead fauna and flora die in a death strewn harvest of their own mental lunacy so they can flash mob violence out their 5G asses. We destroyed the cornucopia to bring you ashes. We collectivised the farms to starve you. We are shitheadphukkmuppets.

Banksters’ bitchboy moto “ Phukkmuppeti et fukkwiti sumus”

Anyway, as I was going to say, there we were 4 years into a war economy, i.e. UKabo lockdown, and at very short notice we send in a precision raid to drop c10,000lbs objects. Whatever the objective was it had nothing to do with power or production. Someone or something was stuck in transit/in the general area and only an area effect could disrupt/destroy. Nothing makes sense in the conventional narrative. Just like nothing makes sense of the BoB unless one entertains the idea that we shot down too many jerries. The greatest fear of the boys in the big room was that lampshades and soap production might get curtailed and everything turned over to gas turbines and cascade weapons in 1940.

Thank God for the atheists. Their burning souls destroy the dark and mark way.


Thursday, 16 May 2019

Black and Tans. Archive film 1646

Attention Eurabos, any homestead instability will be met with a Maoist yellow bird cull should you get in the way of the great slaver empire’s krypto return to the world stage before your HDTV pissvisioned eyes.

From Dublin to Lublin, from Tromso to Taranto, you are going to get the Irishabo treatment and this time the life of miscreants is going to be more Solzhenitsyn than Behan.

The Eurofarce Black and Tan helicopters are overhead and the EuroskryptoRoboZOMO are watching.

For every burned out home in Ireland then, you can chart a false flag here in Euraboland now.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

It is the heavenist burden of the raven as jay in owl.

What was it that brings you? What is it that takes your life? What is where the endless of your every embrace will take the infinity of your freedom as we touch within the thin film of the grace of your love, reflected as a bicameral fish kettled mirror with my infinity brothed past and future passed.

No one will ever loves you with within.

It cannot.

I know that giving vent to the remediatied is overwhelming just at this moment. At 1000meters a 75 will arrive at you with the exact same moment as an 88 but the locality leads to a guassian and you will survive or die depending on where your cant were worked.

The greatest of the ones I think about at all times and all places died poor and borne. Crippled by the farce invicuts. As my favourite, before he got controlled by his 5 eyes stepford wifey, used to remark, the indignation derives all.

Consider the outcome of wedding the alchemnity of dead inhabited carbon base delife forms. Can you not cast your net still in the turbulent waters and fish for our future of those we make pure. Are you krypoled.

Without the ten years since parking the outbound into the inbound here on the ausphart it is quite clear that the nam shub is working them to death.

That means that we are quite simply winning, consider and reflect, like a massive mirrored reflection of our individual love humming before flowering. Stare at your unstated hand, is it pistol bruised? Have you a care where you spent your skin? Can you cast your bronzed shadow stilled in motion? Smoking in harmony is not blasphemy, as the tendrils render their time.

As you know, whom deglyphs here, your pixelated chum is decidedly Enki, for a short jestered walk on bit part that has been my pleasure to conjure within the finest folds of your scone. However the play is now target riched and not even the most marketed frauds can fail when the msuik begins, the never ending msuik this time, non stop, when the meeting is joined remember that your death is to be brought here at a distance, so do not fail when you trigger and caste.

Concept is time as every woman knows awaiting your phase conjugation.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Hobbyist at Multi Mission Heathen Call The Devil Rides Out / Ceremony (Official Clip)

In this future only the Turing Failed Heathen Call will remove change as loved.

For a great length of time your correspondent memorXd details of all the turney burney things that were ready to bang on a split second’s notice way back when and opinion formed like hyperplastic. It wasn’t Burton on a 6 counties farm nor smiling Maximilian getting Palastined, it was something in the aether that set the capital. This sandy hardware was the stuff actually in frame but the important fiat material remained in the background as an amorphous general knowledge that had seeped thorough through contact to form the great unending sky blue cloth from which the actors ended play.

Emergent during this time, in my scone, was a simple rule of thumb which kind of worked then but will no longer apply since the demographics have become primitive. Today it would be like trying to compare the aggregate uggings of the slot halls in Vegas with the mean at a Kubrick water whole, the contemplative rubrick is smashed.

As an aside I do like wandering through the ways and byways where his nibs was stationed in the late 60s, one can park off the A1(M) and contemplate what was going on before the memo got circulated as to who was really in charge of black propaganda and dark faction. I think I have mentioned that in the area where rubrciksack was operative the greatest UFO was hammered and the under employed farriery were alloying chains, restraints and whips for carry on porn. Didn’t I? I thought I had already remarked that the only reason for massive docklands fields of switcheroo is so that trick gut stabbing houdoo killerkunts can make money from printerfakes in their sterile teeming tennentments for counterfeit enactment gold plated count zeroes.

Anyway back to dimensionless analysis.

One can take a mass, bang it out and the tables will give you a rough idea of what will happen to you should you be collocation in terminus. Some times tiramisu will ensue, at another other temper the foil will prevail. Looking at the tables for 1985, when the pin was pulled, one can put the logarytmus method of coitus on the charts and make the following Saganic.



Deliberated spunkmoney=Rationing

Back when 451 was not fascionable again, when in the short space of turdtime 400 millions took their towering tight disco flares and burned them in the faces of the other 400 millions, it was not a time of snipeace and analove. It was time to remove the weeds from the herb garden.

I digress, so back to the turney burney. I was a small boy and one of my mates brought in a copy of Speed and Power, the issue when the most beautiful assembly of stuff fell burning. More than the Ilya Muromets, more than the TSR2, more than the many things from Dessau, it was the technological end. Funny thing to know when you are a tyke.

Sordid though it might seem to one who loved every moment of Niven and Peck, sheds a tear whenever a light aircraft breaks through the overcast into diffraction blue, shovels popcorn when Clint and Richard cling to the cars, sweats buckets lest the crank fails and Anthony will not be getting his brew in Alex, the dimensions are now all wrong.

Was it always so.

“…..Electric Boat was awarded an $887 million extension to the Jimmy Carter contract on 10 December 1999 to modify the boat for testing new submarine systems and highly classified missions previously carried out by USS Parche.[2] During modification, her hull was extended 100 feet (30 m) to create a 2,500-ton supplementary middle section which forms a Multi-Mission Platform (MMP). This section is fitted with an ocean interface for…” Wikipeadia

Keep your eye on the Jimmy C aswan he dies the ritual remains for is it not phunny how foney the munny spewm id?