Thursday, 30 July 2009

Post-Pantheism, watch out it'll be worse than this lot.

I see OH is vexed about events again.

All I can say is NOAHide.

If you don’t know what that is get your eyes round this.

“Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;”

We can expect similar in the EUSSR

Got that.

Now I’m sure I covered this in a previous post,

, and on inspection I have.

However just to make my position clear on this subject.

All Molech worshipping, Hyksos mono theistic, psychoMoshe loving brain fevered followers of the book, sons of Abraham, fucking Allah clowning Bronze age freekwit, Roming skypiloting, I’m so insecure I need to immerse myself in large groups of hive minded cranial deposited antediluvian retarded skunkknockers can go fuck themselves.

There now is that clear.

You sad, I cannot think of anything by myself, wet myself if alone, group hugging mentalist, scared of the dark, I need to be in communes, look at me, me me me meist, don’t ignore me you anti skunkist, I must be looked at, I crave your attention and you’ll give it or I’ll lead pill you and carve my image into your eye, idol wanking autobrainfelching calfchokers.

I’ll add a bit more clarity for the slow mono theist fucks.

The I shit myself if I meet someone that can actually get on with life autonomously, AAHHHHH they are scary. They will not bow down to me. AAAHHHH, I must work some sort of psychopathic shit to take them out, undermine their lives and make them my SLAVE!!!!, slow on the uptake scamming lower digestive track gerbilturdtoasters.

If you clowns want to live in the Bronze Age then build yourselves a time machine and fuck off there. Just for once I’d like to live co temporally without any of you sticking your nose into my business, you homicidal monotheist shitstinking blooddrenched inbred money-grubbing unimportant nobodies.

I don't want any of you aardvarkarsebarkbandits around all you do is kill.

Heads up.