Monday, 13 July 2009

The integrated global poor and the blind illuminist.

The sinking of all our hopes for a peaceful and happy future has been a long time in the making.

This will take you some time to get through but it’s worth it. Don’t judge, yet, just read and wonder

Interesting ehh? I used to joke to my mates Dave and Stewart that I’d bugger off to Lord Howe Island to live. Can’t its verboten. It's for the birds. No Humans allowed. Same with St Kilda’s in Scotland. And we thought it was an uninhabitable dump. TPTB want it badly. You can be sure that during the coming hammer drop one of TPTB will put an eco-sustainable palace there for their singular use.

Knowing that then some things make you step back and wonder.

As I’ve remarked before how come Iberia is such a financial powerhouse now?

What is going on?

If we put ourselves in the place of all those nasty villains that Dickens and Bronte used to write about, that skewed perspective makes some sense.

Heads up.