Friday, 10 July 2009

Has Gordon had his Arse kicked??

The shadow banking system????????

Something stinks so let’s track that something down.

Today over on

a report about the NI situation brings forth a question that I’ve never brought out from the foment, ferment and foam that resides between my ears but here goes.

The folks in NI have had over 30 years of bangs in the night, machine gun fire and missing relatives and loved ones. By some mighty serendipity it’s all gone quiet.

Now let’s get allegorical here. Imagine you’ve had a really rough time and you’ve been sent to the priory, or your auntie’s bothy, or a good old sanatorium for rest. Upon your return to polite society where would you expect to be put? Back home in the peace and quiet or strapped to a maniacal Byzantine Steam Wurlitzer bolted to the fast lane of the M25?

Sooo, who’s the Smarts that gets to flood the UK’s most traumatized area with professional beggars and squalormakers? Eh, answer that one.

Now I’m just remarking that this is not accidental. These people are trafficked and they NEED to be trafficked to provide cover for other more unattractive practices.

Do you remember Dark Force going on about the Shadow Banking System? Mattias Chang Global Research 7 March 2009

Now why would he say that. In all his years in No11 everything was dry, tidy academic economic theory and policy, totally erroneous of course, but academically water tight. Not a whiff of anything out of sight or unkempt. Not a hint of the real world being anything other than that offered to us.

So what other “Shadows” are there out there? Is there a group of people tasked with casting a shadow over NI? Is there a group tasked with casting a permanent SHADOW over all our lives?

Or is this SHADOW autonomous and a master unto itself?

We know that there is a SHADOW government in USofA. See IRANCONTRA, Col Oliver North and Senator Inouye trampling into it by accident. Part of the SHADOW appears in Continuity of Government (COG) planning.

The SHADOW also has appetites that need to be slaked. Start digging with Mark Dutroux and see how far that goes. It won’t take you long to start realising that there are correlations between certain Governmental/Nato/IMF/World Bank/G8(7) type gatherings and what would to a normal unsullied mind seem unrelated events. However to those who seek the SHADOW these unrelated events are very related indeed. Again the excellent Aangirfan will get you started into this

There is a great emptiness in the spiritual health of the nation, indeed what would be called the developed world. I note that in some of today’s comments by fellow bloggers that the UK is in reports, quoted by them, to be considered developed.

I’ll take a moment to allegorise again to kick that right out the ballpark.

In the great big pantheon of societal fauna UK plc is an amphibian. UK plc gazes up at the fully developed reptiles and mammals in the long grass enviously. UK plc gazes fearfully back at the water and shudders thankful to be the hell out of there. However UK plc by its nature just cannot get off the beach. It likes the mud too much. It will always be under developed.

So a nation of drunks eh? Children out of control. No parental role models.

Well what do you expect in a faith based post industrial NAZI SOVIET? The BBC program featuring Coventry’s third biggest double glazing company told you all you need to know about why the SHADOW needs post industrial serfdom.

If these clowns were asked to build something on solid engineering principles it would be a death trap. However get them to work in the service economy and they can believe what they like, their serfs will have everything stacked against them if one of them raises their voice to say that the sky is not green. That’s “negging” and gets in the way of scamming another poor bugger's credit/debit card details with your prepared script as your weapon. Everything is relative. Only money snaked from customers matters. How you do that doesn’t matter. If there is legislation in the way the SHADOW will have it removed.

It is incredible to believe that these types of organisations are held up in such regard that their senior managers are invited to help run life or death organisations like the NHS and the Armed Forces. FUCK help us!!!!!

For us all of this results not in a cultural vacuum. It is not a moral degeneracy. It is a spiritual bankruptcy. A gaping emptiness in our spiritual well being.

Why? Grooming.

Well if the one world religion is coming we need to be groomed. Just like the best paedophiles will do to their victim, ready to be fucked without a whimper.

So what’re they going to hit us with?

Their plan as always is hidden in clear sight. Part involves clever manipulation of the creationist/evolutionist Hegelian. They’ll get us ready for the big revelation that we are engineered beings without any spiritual dimension at all. The evidence will be rolled out a bit at a time. The first part of this is the “water on Mars” teaser. Watch this develop quite quickly into outright assertions that someone made us. Other evidence already known will be released to us. Until eventually one of their Muppets will try and change our beliefs and values globally to the new agenda. Usually through conflict.

Ceremony and ritual.

The creatures that the SHADOW moves around the stage keep your attention and you never see the dancing bear about to bite your head off. We are now all aware of Bilderbergers, Tri Lateral Commission, CFR, Rhodes, Club of Rome, Kissinger’s useless eaters, Operation Northwood, Vaccines, Planned famines, weather wars etc.

It’s the thing hidden in clear sight that the SHADOW will use to take us down. I don’t know why but it is part of the code that we must have the opportunity to find out our doom. To see it as it approaches. It’s up to us to spot it and say no. If we don’t they’ll take us out. It’s their morality. Make no mistake an immoral actor is not part of what we speak.

They’ve given us the tools, it won’t be taken away, though some of their agents will try and regulate it. Research skills.

Keep Researching in Clear Sight

Heads up.