Wednesday, 15 July 2009

No wonder so many Chinese have scarpered pronto.

Divine right of kings

This right was subsumed quietly into the body politic. It didn’t go away with the development of Parliamentary democracy. TPTB have replaced God in the first part of the description with the word “THEMSELVES”

“Divine Right of Kings, a theory which argued that certain kings ruled because they were chosen by God to do so and that these kings were accountable to no person except God.”

Now changed to

“Right of TPTB, a theory which argues that TPTB rule because they are chosen by Themselves to do so and that TPTB are accountable to no person except Themselves.”

I’ve always had a great deal of trouble with history as it is presented to us by our betters. At school I didn’t do history preferring to plough my own lonely furrow on things that interested me and were never on the curriculum. “The Bomber Gap” and the development of naval airpower kept me beavering away. So I never really got into the dialectic crap, class struggle crap, development of the consumer society malarkey because this conventional curriculum didn’t address the central problem that I could see was facing TPTB.

Quite simply TPTB woke up one morning in the late 18th Century and began to ask themselves “Where the hell did all these scum come from? And how are we to be rid of them?”

And so they set to work. They’ve got the time, slowly slowly catchee monkee. They know how long they’ve been playing the game and know they’ll still be here hundreds of years hence. Which gets me to an old posting that I think sums up where we are in the plans of TPTB. The socialised medicine proposals that Obama is trying to flog in the USofA simply means, if successful, that USofA has been taken down. After a century of struggle and more TPTB have finally got the colonials in a box.

As I have said in an earlier posting we’ll all become English soon. That’s not a joke it’s a truism if you understand exactly where all this planning originates.

Here’s something to get you warmed up. If you can keep your stomach from turning then pile into the second even more trying doc.

Did you manage to get through that?

Now go for the big one. See you on the other side.

Check out what is happening with US prison, coming to Britain soon, numbers and practice.

It’s all about contracts not reform or justice, how soon will it be before the Chinese vans are pulling up to these places?

The dangers to us are so manifold that it would be easy to curl up and whimper. Don’t.

Just as TPTB shit themselves and got ready to flee in 1745 when some hairyarsed badly organised and distinctly unwilling Heelanders turned up, TPTB will always be undermined by their craven cowardice.

Heads up.