Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Putin/Merkel the biggest pair of balls in the G8?

Who are the G8 leaders? I’m not going to flatter so here’s some background. (My thoughts in brackets)

Silvio Berlusconi (Randy old bampot, that gets laws changed to cover his ass)

Angela Merkel (Deeply mysterious DDR creation)

Stephen Harper (Shiny git jumps to do his masters bidding)

Nicolas Sarkozy (Likes a bevvy, good lad)

Gordon Brown(Clueless would be propeller head)

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev(Putin’s boy)

Taro Aso(Catholic and gone)

Barack Hussein Obama II (Shining illusive front man for Nazi/Soviet operatives)

Only three demand attention. Of those only two can command it.

Soetero because if you can get a Manchurian candidate into the Whitehouse you can do anything. He’s got a Nero complex and he’s there as part of the Nazi/Soviet USofA take down.

Putin’s boy and Merkel. Deep deep cover operatives. Expect nothing from them other than curtailment of civil liberties and EUSSR integration. Though not without some infighting.

Putin and Merkel have the biggest balls and keenest brains in the G8. The rest are lightweights. These two are the only instances when you can actually see the operators. If Merkel gets through her current travails, watch the EU putsch on Eire, we'll get some real big fireworks.

The rest are window dressing.

Looking at Merkel’s formative years and where she physically tooled around you’ve just got to ask; What about Teutonic Zionists?

If you do your research properly you’ll find out even more frightening things about our chums and likely replacements. Remember it’s all hidden in plain sight. Sift the evidence carefully.

Heads up.