Sunday, 12 July 2009

Continuity of evil and Venice.

If you have ever read “A River Runs East” you’d get the question about why so much USofA capital ended up being invested in USSR in the first half of the 20th Century.,9171,738445,00.html

And a weird 21st century parallel

So when we see The Whitehouse Wahabi and the Prince of Moscow yapping about agreed logistical routes supporting NATO forces in Afghanistan. You know the fix is in.

The French angle makes the mind wander to Vietnam where US forces were micro managed from home under the McNamara managment doctrines etc. Management cover for the same deep cover understandings that lead to “A River runs East” being written.

Both sides were held in a lock that neither really wanted.


There was continuing yapping at the secret highest levels keeping the thing going. All disguised as peace talks.,1901946

What is the biggest most successful weapon of the 20th Century?

A weapon system so powerful that it could sap the life out of the only free society on earth, use that society to overcome all other outmoded forms of government and then usurp and pervert that society into total failure.

All infrastructure still standing, all resistance gone, everything the honest man and women built swept away. No neutron weapon, no bio weapon and no armies could do that. Genius.

All run behind the scenes.

The late Bill Hicks used to quip

“no matter what promises you make on the campaign trail - blah, blah, blah - when you win, you go into this smoky room with the twelve industrialist, capitalist scumfucks that got you in there, and this little screen comes down... and it's a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle you've never seen before, which looks suspiciously off the grassy knoll.... And then the screen comes up, the lights come on, and they say to the new president, 'Any questions?'

"Just what my agenda is."”

These Twelve were just lapdogs though.

The continuity of evil.

So we come around to Afghanistan again.

As I’ve said many times UK forces are there for ceremonial and ritualistic reasons, they represent Crown interest in this matter and nothing more. How many more will we be forced to sacrifice? Brown is merely playing for time. He knows the hammer is coming down. He’s seen the JFK vid.

To delve into that will take you far out into the wider realms of research. So gently does it.

Heads up.